Saturday, 27 September 2008

Not really fallen from blogging....

...but the term has been really busy so far, although the biggest barrier to writing a post was finding the time to photograph and upload some knitting projects! Lame but true! Now I have done that so here goes!

I have joined the 'Cowl bandwagon' & I so get them. Actually I have had 'neck gaiters' for skiing & camping for ever & have knit a few mobieus scarves that I tend to wear with a double twist 'a la cowl' so I knew that they are a great idea anyway. The first one was knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport & the pattern is Birthday Cowl. Really nice knit & a lovely soft lightweight neck cosy! The second one is Crofters Cowl. The lace is 'Horseshoe Lace' (same as Cranford Mitts) & is knit in two pieces then kitchened together! Yup, an hours Kitchening (is it a verb?) but it was worth it. The yarn is the ever awesome Malibrigio Worsted. This REALLY is a neck cosy!

What else? The orange 'no purl' monkeys are done & lighten my world.... literally. They really are this orange!

Woodland shawl is finished & blocked. Love it, although I may re- block it with more emphasis on the width. On Tuesday it was the much awaited 'At Home in Harrogate' end of summer swap... swap. The excitement was not wasted. This is my swap waiting to go to Sieue. It contained a Ravilo scarf (a Knit Spot's 'Little nothing') in Dream in Color Baby, two skeins of the Knitting Goddesses differences sock yarn & packet of 'Yorkshire Mixture' all wrapped up in a dinky little box for bits from Paperchase. My gift had been prepared with a huge amount of thought & care (and stalking!)by Dalesgirl. It is a gorgeous Ribbons scarf, knitted in pale blue vintage pinigoun pure alpaca! I also received two more skeins of the yarn & a really clever bead row marker.Thank you so much Samantha. I know that this project plagued you as you were unable to knit for much of the summer with the problems you had with your wrist.

Swap Night was quite riotous. We swapped packages but then took turns to carefully unwrap, pet & try on our new knits & yarn. I had my camera phone with me so........
Since then, on the knitting front, I have picked up Spring Things, a shawl pattern by Susan Lawrence, that I am knitting in very autumnal colours! Malibrigio Lace Weight Loro Barranquero. I am also knitting another pair of fingerless mitts. This time for son & heir. In black, vintage wool worsted. Not a knit for poor light!

I have also completed my first christmas gift knit! Enough of that though!

This was Nellie's completed hat & jacket. She is nearly big enough for it I am told!

.... Did I mention that I had bought another Namaste bag? No! Well I did. Its a Laguna in Olive & its fantastic. Its just my 'bag bag' & large enough to hold safely all of the c*&@^ teachers end up carting around (in addition to laptop, text books, exercise books of course!). I was in danger of using 'Malibu' for the purpose & having no knitting bag!