Monday, 25 May 2009

So, what happened to May?

It might be a long blog post or at least one that is photo heavy, so make a cup of tea & let the last month unfold if the fancy takes you!

Working backwards from this wonderful, sunny, bank holiday weekend! We have had house guests for the weekend, including a delightful and very energetic two year old! Our Bank Holiday Sunday outing was to Newby Hall near Ripon. The gardens were fantastic & everyone enjoyed the train ride! Sunday morning had involved some serious duck & geese feeding at Swinsty reservoir.
I have done some knitting too! This week I have finished my Pacific Rim Shawl. I used almost every inch of the 'Dream in Color' Baby & I am very pleased with the finished shawl.
It deserves a better photo! Also finished are 'Geographical Socks' & 'Spring Leaves Lace Socks'.

Last weekend we went up to Alnmouth in Northumberland to spend the weekend with sister, BiL, Bil's sister & her DH + sister's friend & her lovely son! (infact all of our house guests from this weekend) Alot of fun was had & we seemed to catch the best of the UK weather. An 'at home in the seventies disco birthday' party for my sister, for example, stands out!

With local cops were invited along..... plus a local rock star ..... and...... !!!!!!!!

What else? We walked from Alnmouth to Bulmer & back. Played on the beach, Some kayaked on the river, ran & rode bikes. A treat of a weekend. Part of my sister's birthday present consisted of a knitted & felted basket to hold the rest of the treats.

The pattern is called 'Nantucket basket. I like the whole felting business & is something I want to do more of! Other knitting? A wine bottle cosy for my 'Defence against the dark arts' homework! This is part of a Ravelry Harry Potter House Cup thing! The task was to knit something that would protect... something & so I have knitted a cosy to stop wine or whisky bottles clanking in our truck camper as we bounce down some track to a beautiful beach side camping spot this summer! The pattern was from but I knitted it in 'the round'.

So that was May! Ofsted came & went. Nuff said. School is a whirl of exams & study sessions, preparing for Leaver's celebrations & Reward events, Field Trips &...... teaching! Still this week is Half Term & I intend to finish knitting my cardi, Mr Greenjeans tonight or tomorrow & I am knitting my first socks from Cookie A's book! The polytunnel is producing its first harvest of the season & I have some planting to do. I have ordered some fabric & hope to make a laptop cosy at least. So many craft projects, not enough time......