Tuesday, 25 November 2008

19 today!

...... and in another month he will be back on the snow!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

...any given Saturday

Went with son & heir to get ski boots fitted & did a Costco shop as we were in Leeds. Some good bargains to be had -in amongst the 'Skippy' peanut butter & other American goodies came 2 North Cape base layer fleeces for less than £25 each. Came home, watched rugby, more rugby & Strictly Come Dancing. S&H complained that the sore throat (Tonsillitis is an annual event here),that the penicillin administered early in the week to combat, was getting worse. Rang the out of hours doctor's number & advised to pack a bag & come to 'out of hours doctor' at Harrogate hospital. Without going into too much graphic detail, the swelling in his throat managed to burst (ugh) as we left the hospital to transfer to York hospital for possible treatment. Turned heel & returned to see doc. Emerged with an armful of medication & a much happier son! Today, although he feels 'like I have been in a war' he is singing, happy & back off to work! The sharp prod with the little stick worked Doctor!

He may be just 10 days short of his ninetenth birthday but he is still 'my boy'........!

Managed to finish Spiraliscious & one mitt (for S&H)! What a day!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Great shopping trip.....no yarn in sight!

Its only 7 weeks before son & heir sets off on his big adventure, spending 10 weeks in Courcheval, training to be a Ski Instructor with New Generation Ski School on their GAP programme. It was time for some serious shopping. Lots of boot & ski reviews had been read, boots had been tried on a snow sport catalogues studied. The ££££ signs were bouncing! Earlier in the week he made a trip to a major snow sports outlet adjacent to an indoor snow slope in Yorkshire. There were no regular boot fitters available (rung in sick?) & he knew that the guy serving him was not up to the mark. Fitting ski boots is a very specialised trade & he will be wearing these boots 7-8 hours day, every day, for 10 weeks! He said that they were not even polite or interested. We were beginning to think that we would have to travel to Manchester or Newcastle but a quick Internet search revealed that Severn Sports in Leeds had just got in stock the skis that he had identified as the ones to have. We made the trip to this little Aladdin's cave of a shop in Armley. From the outside it seemed fairly uninspiring but once inside we realised that we had hit a gold mine. The stock was impressive. They had a great range for all skiers & boarders & the three staff could not have been more helpful & knowledgeable. By the time S&H had his feet in the first pair of ski boots we had all got a mug of tea in our hands. There was no hard sell but we walked out with boots, skis & a very desirable ski jacket. When I said that I would 'blog' about our trip both Mr J & S&H agreed that I should -they normally just smile indulgently! Severn Sports have a bigger 'superstore' in East Leeds & an Internet operation. They advertise themselves as the best in Yorkshire & we can only agree! The piggy bank might be somewhat lighter but we will defiantly return there for other ski related purchases! If someone reads this & buys some gear from them rather than some faceless conglomerate then that's my 'thank you' for the great service we received! If you don't ski or do but don't live in the North of England then just go shop locally & see if there is a difference! My local foodie favorites are Elliot's and Weatherheads butchers in Pateley Bridge. The Tesco van will call 'On the Hill' this afternoon because I don't relish spending my time off in a supermarket but I actually ENJOY shopping in these shops & appreciate their quality produce & service.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Autumn Watch on the hill!

Happy Halloween!

Its been a great Half Term with the Ski Show at the beginning of the week & Bryan Adams live in concert in Newcastle at the end of the week. Bryan was FANTASTIC! This was a birthday gift to me & what a present! The 'cosier' indoor venue & a lively crowd topped off an awesome performance from the man himself. All the great tracks were present & it was an evening of pure fun & entertainment. Its 30(!) years since we first saw him in concert at the NEC but he has only got better! Partners in this expedition were Mr J, my sister & BiL and the son & heir. It was his first 'big' concert & as he was bought up on this music he soaked it all in & had the ubiquitous (for the metro arena last night anyway) big grin!

Our 'At Home in Harrogate' knitting group has gone for a 'finish WIP' KAL from now until Dec. 31st. I have committed 5 items & they are photographed here:

There are more to be knitted before Christmas but they are not eligible 'cos they aint started yet!

Komet socks & Queen Carolina's are finished though.

The WIP by the birdhouse is Spiraliscious from Knitspot. Nice knitting! Great pattern as ever!

Back to work tomorrow! Ugh! Too much knitting but not enough time..........