Sunday, 2 November 2008

Autumn Watch on the hill!

Happy Halloween!

Its been a great Half Term with the Ski Show at the beginning of the week & Bryan Adams live in concert in Newcastle at the end of the week. Bryan was FANTASTIC! This was a birthday gift to me & what a present! The 'cosier' indoor venue & a lively crowd topped off an awesome performance from the man himself. All the great tracks were present & it was an evening of pure fun & entertainment. Its 30(!) years since we first saw him in concert at the NEC but he has only got better! Partners in this expedition were Mr J, my sister & BiL and the son & heir. It was his first 'big' concert & as he was bought up on this music he soaked it all in & had the ubiquitous (for the metro arena last night anyway) big grin!

Our 'At Home in Harrogate' knitting group has gone for a 'finish WIP' KAL from now until Dec. 31st. I have committed 5 items & they are photographed here:

There are more to be knitted before Christmas but they are not eligible 'cos they aint started yet!

Komet socks & Queen Carolina's are finished though.

The WIP by the birdhouse is Spiraliscious from Knitspot. Nice knitting! Great pattern as ever!

Back to work tomorrow! Ugh! Too much knitting but not enough time..........


Lin said...

I love the pumpkin, mine wasn't a good one this year! The socks are great too. I hope you get some time for knitting ... christmas will be the next holiday ... thats scarey!

Heather L. said...

The green socks are just gorgeous! I must finish my socks but I've got 2 babies arriving imminently among family/friends and MUST get some cardigans done!