Sunday, 19 October 2008

One week later...

I have managed to upload some of the pictures from the Great North. Here are uncle & nephew after the race.
The Red Arrows arrived just as they reached the last 800 metres. The display over the sea was awesome.

I have managed quite a bit of knitting due to the loss of my voice on Friday dictating a day away from school. A teacher without the ability to talk comes under the 'as much use as a cholcolate fireguard' catagory. It hurt too! The Komet socks are nearly done. The colour is alot different to this -a really vibrant leaf green but despite attempting to photo it inside & out, plus a bit of fiddling about in Adobe photoshop elements it just does not show up.

I have also done a bit of 'holiday' knitting & knitting for the 'At Home in Harrogate' holiday swap. Nuff said.
One week to go until half term! Keep counting!


Sarah said...

Hope you make it through the last week unscathed! Fab photo of the Red Arrows and I love those Komet socks - how are they to knit?

clarabelle said...

Great photos (but not sure how you managed that Red Arrows one - phew!).

Hope you get the voice back soon!


Heather L. said...

Those socks are beautiful! I can't wait to try something different than the plain old knit 2 purl 2.

Joanne said...

Even teachers need a day or two off now and then! I hope your classes will not be in chaos when your voice comes back...and in the meanwhile, enjoy the knitting time! That's one handsome uncle/nephew combo there...:)