Sunday, 28 June 2009

In the summertime?

So June is a busy month here on the hill. At school it has been all about exams & leavers celebrations & as I had to step in (again) as Head of Year 11 from Easter onwards, I have been in the thick of things! Still, all seems to have gone well. You just had to see it coming.... Sue.... we would appoint someone.... BUT.... only you knows how it works.... such an important time.....!!!!!!! Anyway, there is just three weeks left to go & I can begin to ponder important questions, such as what knitting (crochet even!) am I going to take with me when we set off in 'Brian' our truck camper in a north westerly direction!

I have done a little sewing. This is my 'Balamory' laptop cosy. At first glance some folk thought it was a pillow as it is well padded with quilt wadding. The fabric is super! Love it!
Knitting? I am knitting another 'Forest Canopy' shawl in black 'Sublime Merino & Angora'. Its super soft. The pattern's great -not to complicated for black in any light. The only issue is that it moults more than the dog after a wet walk! I am knitting it with a tea towel on my lap! Hopefully after a wash & block it will improve otherwise said dog might get it as a luxury blanket!
I also have a Rosebud Neckwarmer on the needles (I did finish Mr Greenjeans! -just needs 2 buttons.) It a cute knit. Grace Mcewen has some super patterns for sale on Ravelry!

The garden is looking pretty good we think. The polytunnel is probably at its best yet. The first courgettes were harvested today. The roses are real eye candy (unless you look too close & spot the black spot!)

I am sure I meant to include more but ,,,,,,,,

Monday, 1 June 2009

Two Men, Two Bikes, One Good Cause

On Saturday Wayne rode his bike from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey, looking like some bloke from the Tour de France. Mr J joined him on his mountain bike & rode with him from Welshpool to Aberdovey. An unlikely looking couple you may say & perhaps you could be right! Wayne was riding to raise money and to raise awareness for the Miscarriage Association. Mr J was riding to make sure that his mate didn't fall into a ditch or hit a tractor & to make sure that Mrs Wayne didn't fret too much! Mr J & I have not had to deal personally with the misery & heartache of miscarriage but we lived with the threat of it for a while. Mr & Mrs Wayne have sadly had to come to terms (if that is possible) with not one but two miscarriages & for them organising and completing this ride will help to reduce the number of babies who do not make it launch point. If you have been affected by a miscarriage or know someone who has perhaps you would like to make a donation? If so please click onto the link and follow the instructions!

The support party was awesome by the way & after the boys arrived in Aberdovey (6 hours riding time, with 17.5 mph average on one of the hottest days of the year & over the backbone of Wales....clicked the button yet?) we enjoyed a superb overnight stay at the Penhelig Arms. Go if you can, whether for just a meal or to stay over. Magic!