Monday, 19 January 2009

Hemlock Ring

I am pretty pleased with my lightweight Hemlock Ring throw. It is knitted in 21st century yarns 4ply & I used about 2 1/2 skeins. Finished it measures around 5ft across. I knitted an extra 6 pattern repeats to the original & a plain p1 row, k1 row, p1 row border. Its a bit wavy towards the edges but that's OK. I would like to knit this in a heavier yarn at some point & I will ceratinly knit some kind of throw for use in our truck camper this year. Something dog-hair coloured & washable I think!!!!! Son & heir rang today! Totally excited by an awesome day playing in 2ft of fresh powder snow! We had ten minutes of sleet!!!!! Its damp & raw cold NOT fun cold up here 'On the Hill'!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Proud Mamma moment.... indulge me!
We now have a qualified ski instructor in the family. Son & heir rang last night to say he had passed his BASI Alpine level one, qualifying him to teach skiing most places in the world except France! The next 6 weeks is preparation for the much more demanding Alpine 2 qualification that he will take at the end of the course.
There is two weeks of snow forcast for the French Alps so he should have plenty of the white stuff to work with.

I have nearly finished the 'cowpat' i.e. Hemlock ring blanket. I have taken some pictures but they are still in the camera! I may do a plainer cast-off than the frill on the original. We shall see!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Christmas and some more

A very belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Its been a busy one! We had a 'pre-christmas' Christmas with my family the weekend before, which was lovely. Home then meant gentle Christmas food shopping at Weatherheads & Elliots in Pateley Bridge & a Christmas meal with DH's parents on Christmas Eve. We liked this idea. The only foodie input to Christmas Day was a cold buffet in the evening. Something we always like but never have tummy room to do justice to! This time was different!

On Boxing Day it was pack up finally & head to Hull for an evening ferry. We had booked a 'Club Class Cabin' & so we were able to enjoy another evening Christmas picnic, a film & a good nights sleep before disembarking next morning & driving down through France to Courcheval. The drive was long, there were a couple 'bouchons' (queues!), firstly at Riems north at the toll & then again south of Lyon. Took 11 hours which is OK & we arrived to find a great apartment & a decent amount of snow. As regular readers know, this was to be the start of son & heirs winter season in Courcheval! I think it is the coldest weeks skiing I have ever known, but it was mainly accompanied by wall to wall sunshine, with a light snowfall on New Years Eve. We don't have many pictures -too cold, but here is Mr J with something to celebrate...... his birthday! Lucky boy! All in all it was a great week. The knowledge that I would be leaving my son behind caused a few 'mummy moments' but a least we were able to deliver him to his very well located chalet before we started our dash back to the coast last Saturday. He is having a fantastic time with 'New genereation Ski School, on their GAP ski instructors course. He reports 'awesome time' & 'ace people'!
Knitting.... yes I have done some, beyond last minute ipod cosies & 'phone cosies ('cos ipods & 'phones get cold in the snow). I have embraked upon the iconic hemlock ring blanket, but I am knitting it in 4ply, not the usual more chunky yarn. Its some from 21st century yarns & whilst I love the stormy blue colourway I decided that it might not work for me as a shawl but would be great as a throw for our lounge or bedroom. As its a 'heavier' 4 ply & the pattern has 4 rows knit to one row pattern it is growing reasonably quickly although I have now over 400 stitches on the needles. I have lots of yarn so I intend to keep going to make it a decent size. I did take a photo on my phone but it looks like a cow pat so I might spare you that & take some pictures in decent light & with the camera.
I can't believe we have done a full week back at school -not sure if its because I have done enough work to fill at least two! never mind, 5 weeks until we go back to Courcheval! Hope the exchange rate bucks up a bit before then! £1 = 1 euro was a bit tight!