Saturday, 10 January 2009

Christmas and some more

A very belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Its been a busy one! We had a 'pre-christmas' Christmas with my family the weekend before, which was lovely. Home then meant gentle Christmas food shopping at Weatherheads & Elliots in Pateley Bridge & a Christmas meal with DH's parents on Christmas Eve. We liked this idea. The only foodie input to Christmas Day was a cold buffet in the evening. Something we always like but never have tummy room to do justice to! This time was different!

On Boxing Day it was pack up finally & head to Hull for an evening ferry. We had booked a 'Club Class Cabin' & so we were able to enjoy another evening Christmas picnic, a film & a good nights sleep before disembarking next morning & driving down through France to Courcheval. The drive was long, there were a couple 'bouchons' (queues!), firstly at Riems north at the toll & then again south of Lyon. Took 11 hours which is OK & we arrived to find a great apartment & a decent amount of snow. As regular readers know, this was to be the start of son & heirs winter season in Courcheval! I think it is the coldest weeks skiing I have ever known, but it was mainly accompanied by wall to wall sunshine, with a light snowfall on New Years Eve. We don't have many pictures -too cold, but here is Mr J with something to celebrate...... his birthday! Lucky boy! All in all it was a great week. The knowledge that I would be leaving my son behind caused a few 'mummy moments' but a least we were able to deliver him to his very well located chalet before we started our dash back to the coast last Saturday. He is having a fantastic time with 'New genereation Ski School, on their GAP ski instructors course. He reports 'awesome time' & 'ace people'!
Knitting.... yes I have done some, beyond last minute ipod cosies & 'phone cosies ('cos ipods & 'phones get cold in the snow). I have embraked upon the iconic hemlock ring blanket, but I am knitting it in 4ply, not the usual more chunky yarn. Its some from 21st century yarns & whilst I love the stormy blue colourway I decided that it might not work for me as a shawl but would be great as a throw for our lounge or bedroom. As its a 'heavier' 4 ply & the pattern has 4 rows knit to one row pattern it is growing reasonably quickly although I have now over 400 stitches on the needles. I have lots of yarn so I intend to keep going to make it a decent size. I did take a photo on my phone but it looks like a cow pat so I might spare you that & take some pictures in decent light & with the camera.
I can't believe we have done a full week back at school -not sure if its because I have done enough work to fill at least two! never mind, 5 weeks until we go back to Courcheval! Hope the exchange rate bucks up a bit before then! £1 = 1 euro was a bit tight!


Heather L. said...

Loved all your Christmas pictures! i'm glad you had a nice Christmas. What a great picture at the top of the mts in France! I hope your son continues to have a fantastic time! Wow, 1 pound to 1 euro really is something. I hope it improves for you!

Artis-Anne said...

Great photos as usual and love the one of your DS :) very James Gangney ;)

AnneOlly said...

So that's what you were knitting at knit night!! Pleased you had a great christmas and thank you for sparing us the cow pat!!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year - that sunshine looks fab