Monday, 8 December 2008

The generosity of knitters

Last Wednesday was our At Home in Harrogate 'Swap Night'. This was for our one skein holiday swap. A little excitement (understatement!) built up as we waited for Nicola to arrive from her pottery class. It was a freezing night, with snow forecast so that added to the tension if you drove a sports car (Libby!). As expected the swap turned up a beautiful array of winter warmers. Fingerless mitts in a range of gorgeous colours, a malabrigo hat, malabrigo loafers, another hat, a cowl and a shawl........ wind back! ...... shawl? ...... Oh yes. I received a scrumptious shawl from Anne. I was/ am totally overwhelmed.. I am assured that it was one skein but it was clearly on BIG skein of fingering weight yarn to produce a Cliet shawl. The pattern is wonderful & the colour is to die for. Thank you again Anne, she will be worn, petted & loved. I feel very touched by your gift of so many stitches.

Next morning, as forecast, the snow arrived. I even got a 'snow day' as there were no school buses in Leeds. I stayed home by the fire and knitted a cowl. Its just a simple garter rib tube in malabrigo chunky & is very thick & very cosy. I nearly had it snatched from me by an admiring colleague on Friday. She thought it looked very complicated. Bless. Non-knitters! They make you smile! I also practiced toe up socks by knitting some cosies for MP3 players & phones!


Heather L. said...

What a beautiful shawl to receive! It's making me wish I were part of a swap. :)

Lin said...

Wow, recieving a shawl is fantastic!

Spindlers2 said...

I love the shawl, too. Is there a pattern to be had anywhere?

Joanne said...

Snow Days! I am so jealous. I loved having snow days when I was a teacher. Sadly, writers who work from home don't ever have snow days...even though I like being a writer now who works from home!

The shawl is stunning and the garter looks downright cuddly. You've got great knitting going on over here!

clarabelle said...

Amazing swap! Such a beautiful shawl (I have this pattern in my Rav queue), and the colour is fantastic.

Hope you've had a lovely Xmas/NY and happy ski-ing!