Monday, 1 December 2008

Sue wrote.....

Very scant mention has been made of knitting recently on this blog but little bit of knitting has been going on, here on the hill. This is another 'Birthday Cowl' in squidgy Malabrigio Worsted. Its very cosy, I love the colour and it was a very quick & easy knit. I am trying to knit a hat to match -top down. Hopefully I will have enough yarn from one skein!

This is 'Spiralucious' from Knitspot, knitted in Knitting Goddess Semi Solid. Its blocking on the Rayburn top at the moment. This is a gift for my aunt. She may get the mitt pattern & yarn in kit form if Anne releases the pattern in the next day or so!
Mr J was in the market for some 'hut slippers' or 'house socks' so some Big Fabel that was sat in my stash is knitting up just fine. Its as tough as old boots but soft once washed & is in such fab colours!

I have also started some 'Nutkin' socks, at least 'almost Nutkin', 'cos they don't have the cute turned top & probably will not have short row heels! Nice pattern though! The yarn is also from Knitting Goddess & came from some nifty moves (on my part) in a sock yarn swap amongst the 'At Home in Harrogate' yarn fiends! Thanks Anne!

Talking about AHinH...... its nearly Christmas swap time ..... the tension is rising....... I hope my swap partner likes her gift. It was a quick knit but it is unique & (?) beautifully packaged!


kathryn said...

Birthday Cowl is lovely and Malabrigo is one of my favourite unbelievably soft. Spiraluscious is very high on my to-do list too! There are so many lovely cowls about atm aren't there?

Heather L. said...

Your knitting is always so beautiful! I love the colorful socks! I'm trying hard to finish my pair of socks since I don't have a baby sweater on the needles just now. My sister is all into recycling cashmere just now -- very interesting process. She's knitting a cowl with some of it now.