Sunday, 16 November 2008

...any given Saturday

Went with son & heir to get ski boots fitted & did a Costco shop as we were in Leeds. Some good bargains to be had -in amongst the 'Skippy' peanut butter & other American goodies came 2 North Cape base layer fleeces for less than £25 each. Came home, watched rugby, more rugby & Strictly Come Dancing. S&H complained that the sore throat (Tonsillitis is an annual event here),that the penicillin administered early in the week to combat, was getting worse. Rang the out of hours doctor's number & advised to pack a bag & come to 'out of hours doctor' at Harrogate hospital. Without going into too much graphic detail, the swelling in his throat managed to burst (ugh) as we left the hospital to transfer to York hospital for possible treatment. Turned heel & returned to see doc. Emerged with an armful of medication & a much happier son! Today, although he feels 'like I have been in a war' he is singing, happy & back off to work! The sharp prod with the little stick worked Doctor!

He may be just 10 days short of his ninetenth birthday but he is still 'my boy'........!

Managed to finish Spiraliscious & one mitt (for S&H)! What a day!

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Joanne said...

Wow...sounds like your son needed you--a good day to be with one's mum! Oh, and in answer to your comment on my blog...Of course you should be buying UK apples! That's local food for you, right?! :)