Sunday, 16 March 2008

The starting gun!

I've had a touch of startitus! This morning I cast on another 'Melon' scarf from Victorian Knitting Today. I am using some sock yarn I bought at the Harrogate Knitting Show. Again I am doing a 5 pattern repeat & a simple garter stitch border. My last Melon scarf has become a favorite wear & its a fairly quick & easy but interesting knit. I can slip it into my bag as a change from The Forest Canopy Shawl. Its growing slowly as I am still rationing it.As a KAL -well some of the group have finished, declaring it a scarf scale project, me I want a 'uge shawl to wrap around me. I have finished Grandpa J's socks & cast on another Ann Budd sock pattern -Cross Diagonal Rib. This is also using anonymous yarn bought in Harrogate. The pattern is great but Ann Budd's suggested needle sizes are way out (general Ravelry agreement). She must be one tight knitter. I have just ordered her book of basic patterns to go with the sweater book. I love the notion of starting with a basic design & customing it to my own ideas. My first sweater knit is taking shape in my mind at least!

I have also cast on & finished a headband for the forthcoming ski trip (Loads of snow)

I used the pattern for the Amanda hat. I would like to knit the hat, its a lovely simple lace stitch. Brigit is growing slowly. I spent an hour learning to cable without needles but have customised a mini cable needle with a broken Brittany Birch needle & am making much better progress. This is no critisism of the many great tutorials out 'there'but single stitch cables, 2.25mm needles & plum coloured yarn are probably not the best thing to learn a technique with and actually, I like cabling!


Artis-Anne said...

Oh lots of lovlies here and I agree, I too love my Melon wrap. Great socks too, I'm sure he will love them. I have had startitis these last few weeks and now I have guilt pangs looking at one UFO whilst doing another !!
Hope you have a great skiing holiday and look forward to seeing your photies

Kelly H. said...

I can't believe the progress you've made on Brigit...I'm impressed, Sue. My shawl is still sitting on the needles, untouched for a few days, as I try to decide what to do with my little "oops"! Looking forward to Wednesday night!

Heather L. said...

I still need to take the plunge and learn cabling, which my sister assures me is quite easy.

I finished up another baby cardigan over the weekend so I now feel kind of "empty". Maybe I'll have to get the embroidery out until my sister brings home more yarn from the shop.

Looks like you'll have plenty of cold weather for skiing!