Thursday, 5 February 2009

Winter days

Snow came to Nidderdale just as it did to many parts of the UK. I didn't get a 'snow day' though! Actually the local council did a fantastic job of keeping our roads open. The snow plough ran through the night on Sunday night & the gritters just keep going. I think the worst roads I encountered were last night in Harrogate but it didn't stop me getting to 'Knit Night'. Having a 4x4 truck really comes into its own at times like these!

I have been a 'little knitting demon' for the last couple of weekends. I have knitted 3 bobble hats. One 'Utopia' in Drops Alaska (purple one). One big cream tea cosy in Drops Eskimo & One blue (with blue & orange pom pom -very important) in Drops Karisma. The last two are my own pattern based on a simple twisted stitch. I may get round to writing up the pattern because it seems to make a 'lofty' warm hat, even in the DK weight. The yarn for the three cost £14! All are 100% wool. Son & heir bought a cute (but acrylic) cabled bobble hat in France,just before we left, for a little over £25!!!!!
My Nutkin socks & DH's hut socks are finished. The Nutkin pattern is a simple treat of a sock! They may become another favorite alongside 'No purl monkeys' & 'Queen Carolina's (also without her purls!).
I have also 'designed' and knit another cowl in Malabrigo chunky. For 'designed' read 'cast on 64 stitches, knit one row of K2 P2 & then decide to go off piste with a few cables after some very simple Maths! It was knit on 8mm circular to give quite a firm cowl -a polo neck without the jumper kind of thing, which will hopefully keep my neck, ears & face warm skiing.
What else have we been up to? Work? Let's not go there! We have managed some good weekend walks with Moss, getting some fresh air for an hour or so. We went to Linton, near Grassington, for a stroll en route to tea at the 'outlaws' the other Saturday. This was lovely. We have walked the lanes nearer home & last Sunday went to Fountains Abbey. Funny that I have never noticed this before.....

Son & heir continues to have an awesome time in France. It keeps snowing there too, but with sunshine in between!

Happy February!


Heather L. said...

It's fun to see your snow pictures. Michael has been listening to Classic FM and all the talk about the snow.

Your hats are lovely! I really like the middle cream-colored one.

I've printed off the nutkin pattern and want to try that as my sister has made some. I need her to explain some of the pattern guides to me. It will be tricky work at first for me -- not exactly something to do while helping the children with school.

glad your son is having fun -- i've been thinking of him with all the snow we are getting!

Christina said...

I love the pic of the snowdrops. Oh, I can't wait for a bit of spring here. Happy Knitting!

Sarah said...

Glad the snow didn't stop you from getting to knit night - great knits flying from your needles

willow said...

You must be very hardy "up north", when we have snow down here everything closes - we've had four snow days this week!