Sunday, 28 June 2009

In the summertime?

So June is a busy month here on the hill. At school it has been all about exams & leavers celebrations & as I had to step in (again) as Head of Year 11 from Easter onwards, I have been in the thick of things! Still, all seems to have gone well. You just had to see it coming.... Sue.... we would appoint someone.... BUT.... only you knows how it works.... such an important time.....!!!!!!! Anyway, there is just three weeks left to go & I can begin to ponder important questions, such as what knitting (crochet even!) am I going to take with me when we set off in 'Brian' our truck camper in a north westerly direction!

I have done a little sewing. This is my 'Balamory' laptop cosy. At first glance some folk thought it was a pillow as it is well padded with quilt wadding. The fabric is super! Love it!
Knitting? I am knitting another 'Forest Canopy' shawl in black 'Sublime Merino & Angora'. Its super soft. The pattern's great -not to complicated for black in any light. The only issue is that it moults more than the dog after a wet walk! I am knitting it with a tea towel on my lap! Hopefully after a wash & block it will improve otherwise said dog might get it as a luxury blanket!
I also have a Rosebud Neckwarmer on the needles (I did finish Mr Greenjeans! -just needs 2 buttons.) It a cute knit. Grace Mcewen has some super patterns for sale on Ravelry!

The garden is looking pretty good we think. The polytunnel is probably at its best yet. The first courgettes were harvested today. The roses are real eye candy (unless you look too close & spot the black spot!)

I am sure I meant to include more but ,,,,,,,,


kathryn said...

Glad school has gone well and nice to be planning your summer knits.

Lovely roses!! It's been a great year for roses hasn't it?

Thanks for the link - there are some lovely patterns there.

Sarah said...

I too thought pillow at first glance! It's very cute and looks like the laptop will be very safe. Have fun plotting your summer projects.

clarabelle said...

The knits/sewing look great, Sue! You must tell where you are heading - 'north-westerly' isn't enough!

Love the Balamory laptop cosy - innovative! Balamory = Tobermory, I know. We stayed there a few years ago at a beautiful B&B overlooking the harbour.

Kath said...

North-West? It'll be Tobermory for you than?! I'm sure you'll enjoy your well deserved break where ever you go!
I did a shawl in Sublime Merino/Angora and it is truely the softest fluffiest snuggliest shawl ever - but also the most moulty. It's a bit better after washing it but the first time I wore it I ended up looking like Chewbacca once I took it off! Good luck wih yours!

Mandy said...

Enjoy the summer!

Artis-Anne said...

Not long now before you head up to Scotland then ;) This was the first year in ten years we had bad weather and were driven down to Northumberland for the rest of our hols were we did find sun thankfully . The joys of a mobile home ;)
We are thinking of going back for our September hols though
Love that fabric , were did you get it from ?
Another lovely FC and I see DD has tols you about the joys of the moulting , saying that I agree it so snuggly and perfect for your hols too :)

Heather L. said...

Wow, your roses sure are beautiful! And your polytunnel looks terrific!!! I'm enjoying having a veg garden this year.

I've decided I want to knit my first shawl when we go on holiday in 10 days time. I have some lovely seaside green wool and I just need to find a pattern! I was thinking of Ysolda's popular shawl, but if you have any good suggestions for me, I'd love to know!