Sunday, 27 May 2007

another quick update

One toe up sock is nearly finished but I need a better rib and stretchy cast off. The sock is knitted in a simple knit 3 purl one rib and a knit 1 purl 1 rib to finish it off looks baggy & a loose cast off in rib is too tight. Any suggestions from the top up experts?

Yesterday the postman bought 'Folk Shawls', which I ordered following a mention from Sarah. Its fantastic! I had not realised it is a 'sister publication' of 'Folk Socks'. I am already planning some knits from this book. The 'Highland Triangle' or maybe the Kilkenny Cable could be early hopefuls?
The Kidsilk Haze is now turning into 'Stripes and Tourchon Lace' from Victorian Lace Today. After a few hicups its going well -only another six foot to go!
Its HALF TERM! Its only been a six week stint since Easter but.......!!!! The run up to & start of exams is always hectic & what with son & heir taking his A/S levels as well its been rather stressful. Still, just Biology to go. The problem was Graphics -all coursework you see, teachers are prepping them for exams, just (!) finalising 3 BIG pieces of coursework, which kind of delayed the start of revision for the other three. On Wednesday evening we went to school to have a look at the A/S and A2 Graphics & Product Design Exhibition. This was a very pleasant occasion, with a lot of good (I guess -don't ask me I teach Geography) work on display. S&H finished work looked good & he was told that his 'Controlled Test' scored highly, despite his worries that there wasn't enough preparation work as he decided fairly quickly what he wanted to do. The theme was 'Surveillance' & he decided to develop the theme as graphics for a pair of skis, so his final product was a mock up of a pair of skis 'Surveillance Eagle', complete with soring Eagles & beady eyed Eagles! Could be the first of a range .....even Surveillance Sparrow Hawk for children?
Yesterday was a garden day - Most of the hanging baskets & pots are in place. I planted most of the bedding plants, although I will need to buy a few more when the forget me knots finish. This clears the poly tunnel for the vegetables to be planted out (& away from birds & butterflys). Trouble is the soil needs riddling which means aching arms & back for later today!
This post lacks photos. I have photos but to start downloading them now just puts back my appointment with a garden riddle! I may add some later! Carp diem I believe is the phrase, although my classical education is somewhat limited (try VERY!)

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