Monday, 14 May 2007

Leaf & Trellis history, knitted about 20cm & decided that I just did not like the pattern -more zig zag than leaf & trellis! Hmm......., the extra yarn arrived today. I might widen 'Melon' or I may do another even bigger Cherry Leaf shawl. I even wore mine to school today & I have to say I like the triangle. I can ruffle it up & tie it around my neck, scarf style or let it drape. It kept me warm when needed and could just slide down when I was warm enough. I even did the year 11 final assembly wearing it!
The weather is suited to such items. We spent a very relaxing three hours watching son & heir play cricket on Saturday. It was out in one of the Nidderdale villages, the scenery was lovely, the sun came out from time to time, I knitted some toe up sock & I only had to retreat into my duvet jacket from time to time! The pitch was, apparently, awful, but it didn't spoil the sun or the view! There is a cup match tommorow night & if it is similar weather to tonight it will be a real duvet job! Duvet, scarf, gloves, thick socks, knitted hat......

Red pepper plants arrived in the post a few days ago & are being cosseted in the 'inner' poly tunnel. The garden has benefitted from the rain & we had our first cut of 'stir fry' salad leaves, which we.... stir fried! They work -its spinach & some other green leaves.
I made an unusual purchase with my groceries in Sainsburys tonight. A full length wet suit! £40! Essential for holidays in the Hebrides, but not what you expect to find with the yoghurts! I had actually intended to buy one this year, ready for our two weeks on Tiree, cos if the cold water doesn't chill you through, the wind will! They had short adult ones for £27 & diddy ones for about £10! Mr J both senior & junior are off to see if they can get one, both own short leg/ arm models but find that their knees get cold when windsurfing or surfing. The shorties are OK for kayaking.

This picture was taken last year on Tiree. It is in Scaranish harbour & it what

I see every time I start up the laptop! It always makes me smile! All of the Hebrides are special but Tiree just has the extra magic!


sarah said...

Wet suits in Sainsburys? That would make it worth a visit, just to laugh (I don't need a wet suit. AIthough if this rain continues all summer I might have to think again). We should move north. North is where the landscape is and with a polytunnel I could grow tomatoes. What more can life offer? :-)

Artis-Anne said...

Sainsbury's & wet suits !!! dear me things have changed since we moved from suburbia ; do they sell skiing gear in winter as well LOL
Great photo of Tiree ; can't wait for my Scotish fix although we are still undecided where to go and its less than 4 weeks before we go now !!
Sorry I must have missed a post re the leaf and trellis shawl but I think Melon would look good wider . We will soon have shawl for each day of the week at this rate :)and what did your students think about it ?

00spaw said...

the question is, do they know that you knitted it!