Sunday, 23 September 2007

Wow! You are all cheering me on!

Thank you for all the kind words as I set out on the path towards becoming a spinner. I have dipped in & here is my first yard of yarn! Hmm .....its interesting -the thickness varies, some seems to have too much twist & as for joining!!! I shall persevere, cos I am like that!

The sweatshirt sweater is coming on nicely. I have nearly finished the body & then I shall take a photo. She has got cables!

I have an issue with the wool peddler that I don't like! What do you think? The first photo shows the edge that starts with the knit all the way row & is fine. The second photo shows the edge where you k1, YO, knit & is lumpy and ugh! Is this 'normal'? I have tried knitting into the back of the stitch but that seems to make no difference. I don't think I can love it as its is!

It is officially Autumn now. I think that I have picked the last of the runner beans but the sunflowers keep smiling! Harrogate Grammar School Rugby IV clocked up their fourth victory of the season with a 0-76 win at Rishworth School, high up on the Pennine Moorland & in the sunshine. The opposition wasn't awful but the boys put on such a fantastic show of skills that they blew them away.

Inspired by Yarn Spinner's cosy dog photos Moss & I took a photo call, having a 'softy' moment. He is sat on 'his' armchair in the kitchen. He always rushes to sit on 'his' chair when some one comes in so he can have his bit of fuss. We call it his 'meet & greet' chair!He wishes to point out that that's it accentuates his 'grey' side & he really is not so old looking (He is eight) so here is a photo taken a couple of weeks ago on Brimham Moor.


Kath said...

Good for you trying to spin - it really is relaxing once you've grasped the skills. Mum and I found it so frustrating until we got the hang of it all. Re the yo's - is it meant to be a decorative effect at all? I'm a bit unsure which pattern we're thinking of so can't quite help much. Lovely doggie shots!

clarabelle said...

Fantastic stuff there, Mrs J, with the spinning! I'm hoping to do some myself at some point, though weaving beckons first.

Moss looks so much like my old dog, who lived until he was 15. I still miss him. What a lovely 'softy' moment for Moss and his mum!

Poshyarns said...

Oooh, very exciting on the spinning front, I should think it is quite addictive once you get going.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my finished Hourglass, I think I may very well knit another one soon.

Queen of the froggers said...

The spinning is great! I have the wool pedlar pattern in front of me and am unsure which part you are at, is it the bottom border? email me and I will have a knit and try and help. queenofthefroggers at yahoo dot co dot uk

Seahorse said...

Hi there Mrs J :) I found your blog via Clarabelle's and have had a lovely time reading through your posts. I grew up in the Dales and indeed attended Harrogate Grammar for my sixth form education (well before your time though, I'm sure!!!)

artyfartykat said...

Well done with the spinning!
As a beginner spinner too I know how tense you can get, but keep going, it does get easier!
A friend knitted her first handspun into a small swatch and framed it! I thought it was a brill idea!
Lovely doggie pics too!

Artis-Anne said...

Kepp at the spinning as Kath says you should have seen our first attempts . It will be worth it I can guarantee :)
There is nothing like knitting yarn you have spun yourself. re you pattern I don't know it but certainly that stitch willl ptoduce holes . Are you trying to increase the amount of stitches? Hopefully someone else will be able to assist you.
Moss is such a lovely dog and much though I love our schanuzers I do miss having collies . They are completly different characters

Joanne said...

Thank you for your lovely dog photos! :) Moss is very photogenic...and good for you regarding the spinning. It is just practice and soon you'll have it just right!

About the wool peddler, I think it is ok. What am I missing there? I've never knit one though so maybe I'm just obtuse about it?

Dipsy Doodle said...

What a very, very beautiful dog Moss is - I really love these photos, thanks for sharing! And I'm absolutely impressed by your spinning!