Saturday, 13 October 2007

October already?

I have just realised that it is two weeks since I last made a blog entry and I have NOT been on holiday. School has been the far side of hectic. We have had Open Evenings, Data entry points, Parents evenings, PMR, I took (& passed) my mini bus test, had all the medical & paperwork stuff to do for that and ....... oh yes, and teaching to do. On Monday I am going to Robin Hoods Bay, on the east coast of Yorkshire, for three days with the Yr 12 geographers on what they are calling 'The Geography Holiday'! We are calling it a fieldcourse in which they will collect enough quality data to produce a fantastic piece of assessed coursework! But it will be great to have a holiday away from school & I am looking forward to it! We are taking 20 Year 12 students & they are a pretty good bunch. The mini bus test was a bit of a farce. I have driven mini buses all over the north of England in the days before such things as a special test were considered necessary but now need to have a Leeds certificate, requiring a medical (fair enough -really glad I passed that!) & lesson/test. The bottom line is I can drive the thing beautifully & reverse a perfect turn along as it is on one particular street in a run-down part of Leeds & they don't repair the crack in the road which he teaches you to use as a measure!!!!!! I think my other driving experiences will be more useful, especially driving a land rover discovery every day & living & driving in the country!
I will take some sock knitting, which should generate some interesting comments no doubt. I am falling behind with my Ravelry Sock Challenge. I should have started some Nancy Bush socks & I have not even chosen the pattern, although I have the books and a suitable range of stash yarn so I should manage to get started over half term, along with finishing the toe up river rapids (September challenge!). I frogged the Wool Peddler shawl. I just couldn't love it. I have just adjusted the pattern to knit two before the yarn over & its fine!!!!!????? I am about back to the point I had reached before I ripped it back!
I will post a picture of the sweatshirt sweater soon. I have worn it & its what it was meant to be. It looks OK, despite being a bit big around the shoulders & has a wide neckline so its a bit drafty. I have found a more refined pattern so I will give that a go. I love the top down process though. I have ordered some yarn (More Jaegar Merino DK) but its somewhere in the pile of yet to be delivered post!
This evening is reserved for 'Le Crunch'. There will be no French wine with dinner (a rather nice Chilean number is warming a little by the Raybun though). I did shout for the French against New Zealand & should (heaven forbid) they sneak through tonight, then I hope they strike a blow for Northern Hemisphere rugby next weekend. But my money is on England!

at 10.06 pm Sue added....... Fantastic England! Bring it on!


Queen of the froggers said...

It is a shame about the shawl but there is no point if you don't like it! I hope your half term break refreshes you a bit, teaching is hard work by the sounds of it.

clarabelle said...

Hope you have a great time at Robin Hood's Bay, one of my fave places! It's like a 'land that time forgot', but in a lovely way. And I'm sure your pupils will be very impressed with your sock-knitting!

agatha quafflepuncher said...

Robin Hood's bay is beautiful!!! Close enough to pop to Whitby for Bobbins too LOL!!!!
I used to Love field trips when I was school age! It's funny how you spend those years wishing your life away really, and then when they're gone, would give almost anything to get them back......
My geography teacher used to send us all to sleep, maybe if he'd been in to knitting socks, he would have been more interesting:-) Enjoy half term!