Sunday, 9 December 2007

Interesting buys!

Yes you have arrived 'On the Hill'! I have had a little play and I am trying to load a 'winter' template'. Not quite there yet!

Despite been underwhelmed by the Winter Interweave Knits I found a copy of 'Holiday Knits' on ebay & decided that I would bid for it. Won the bid for a little under the cover price, inc. postage & I am pleased to say that it was £4 well spent. The 'Socks for Veronik' by Mona Schmidt (designer of the much loved Embossed Leaf sock pattern) are great & just fit the ticket for an interesting but quick Christmas knit. I would never wear shoes like this, let alone with lacy handknit socks but the pattern is great. I will include pictures after Christmas! Other interesting patterns include the Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed), a lacy scarf, more nice socks and the Huckleberry Ascot which might get some needle time for my Mum IF I get these socks finished and best of all..... the mug cosy!

This should solve the works 'secret santa' annual dilemma. Buy a mug, knit a cosy & stitch an appropriate selection of letters on, depending on how well I know the recipient! I have 100 letter beads bought on ebay to make stitch markers for when I get cracking with my 'new pathways for sock knitters'. I calls for individually identified markers & I don't trust myself to remember a colour sequence!!!!! The beads cost &3.49 inc. postage & when threaded onto a couple of little rings should do the job. I hope I draw a mate in the secret santa otherwise I will just have to spell out their name or staff initials!!!!!!! Hmmm!

Sorry if the last post was a bit of a moan about teaching! I survivied the parents evening, done all the reports, am planning the remard event, can laugh about the fact that Christmas has been cancelled until the children leave the building. Just take no notice, its been a long term!!!!!!


Terri said...

I would wear lacey socks with shoes like that!!!! DH however would refuse to be seen with me LOL!!!!!!!! SOunds like a plan for when I want a bit of quiet time:-)
I like the fairisle tam in the holiday knits mag, not sure I'm up to it really though *roll*

Queen of the froggers said...

the holiday knits is nice, I like a lot of the stuff in there! Have a good holiday break away from work1

Heather L. said...

I have never seen little cosies for mugs! How cute! i'm hoping to sew some cosies for teapots this week -- they are a novelty here, as you can't just go to the store and buy one. I'm going to try one with felted knits.

clarabelle said...

Great buys! I actually love the shoes, btw, though I can't wear heels (boo hoo). And I think the mug cozies are a wonderful idea, especially with the initial beads.

Joanne said...

I am with you--I'd never wear shoes like that, and if I did? Not with woolly lacy socks. :) Thanks for your kind note on my blog! I think you are always allowed a whine when teaching gets difficult. This is a hard time of year in the classroom--lots to do and everyone's just about had it and is ready for vacation!