Saturday, 1 December 2007

From the hill

Loads of knitting going on here but its christmas knitting so shhhhhhhhh! My copy of

has arrived an is fascinating, however for the sake of speed and sanity it will have to wait until the Christmas socks are done! I am going for interesting yarn & simple or well tried & tested patterns at the moment. I could be on for a record of a pair of socks in a weekend! Double knit & garter rib make for an amazingly quick knit! The Regia yarn that I bought last weekend is an absolute delight to knit with.

Its hard to believe that it is December already & with just three weeks to go to the end of term the pace at work is pretty ridiculous. Yet more reports to write, senior leadership monitoring the department (i.e. dropping in unannounced & checking up that all appropriate policy boxes are ticked), Sixth form parents evening (I have 3 A level groups), exams in January to prepare for, reward events to plan &..... oh yes keep teaching till the bitter end! On the positive side, I have some great groups, the geography that the students need to learn is good stuff & suited to raise flagging spirits. Topics such as 'Antarctica', 'Glacial Landforms' & 'Volcanoes and Earthquakes' lend themselves to great learning activities & I don't find it difficult to be enthusiastic about them! Where is my copy of 'Dante's Peak'? My photos from our trip to Mt St Helens in 2001? 101 pictures of glaciated landscapes?.....


Heather L. said...

Thanks for your comment! It's hard not to share Christmas presents in the making on blogs! It just won't be the same to put them all up after Christmas, but I intend too. :)

clarabelle said...

Good luck with the Christmas socks! Yes, aren't DK socks a dream - they're the only ones I can cope with atm!

Dipsy Doodle said...

It sounds you're right in the middle of some major stressful times these days - I do have my fingers crossed that things will calm down soon so that you'll find a bit more time for yourself, perhaps to page through this awesome book that you got? ;)

Terri said...

yay for christmas knitting:-) I've been doing little bits too, so very little blog activity....*roll*
The book looks great, I've pointed DH in that direction for one of my christmas gifts, so fingers crossed he takes the hint!

I wish you'd been my geography teacher, the only thing mine was good at was sending me to sleep!!!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh were did you get that book? I have looked on Amazon for it and no luck. Mind like you I don't have time until after Xmas !!
It's always such a busy time in schools isn't it ? although you do make it all sound so interesting; maybe I could just sit at the back and listen ?
Thanks for your post and re needles I am using my circulars at the moment as I do find them easier but I am getting the new Harmony (Knitpicks)wooden set after Xmas so hopefully they will be better.

Where fibers meet mud said...

Love the Blog and all those socks.

I have trouble matching sock patterns and yarn colors and textures in my mind and sometimes start socks and find the yarn all wrong for the pattern - if that makes any sense!

Have you started any Cat Bohrdi socks yet? I made two little booties to get accustom to the language and skills. New Year New Book - I am so excited to start!