Friday, 25 January 2008

73 mile per hour gusts!

It took 50 minutes to do a normal 30 minute trip home from work tonight due to this!We took a some lanes & by-ways to avoid the A1 near to Wetherby! On Monday it was floods, infact we went down to the River Nidd at Hampsthwaite on Monday evening & despite the dark it was clear that the valley floor had turned into a lake. I took this picture in the summer floods but I suspect this was worse!The water on the far side of the bridge, right across the road, was up to the sills of our Land Rover Discovery! I must see what the weather is doing in the French Alps. Family J will be back on the piste in just over two weeks. Can't wait!!!! This is the first of two trips back to the Les Arcs ski area.

What else! I have manged some knitting. I have finished the first of the Estonian mitts. I only abandoned the pattern on the thumb. As the kids at school say 'it was doin my head in'! Does the brown thumb look OK? I have really enjoyed knitting this & managed (most of the time) to have one colour working 'English' & one 'continental'- although the colours swapped quiet often. I also found a 'Victorian Lace Today' group on Ravelry & that has inspired a scarf sized 'Melon'! The yarn is an Opal Sock yarn 'cos I loved the ice cream colours & the stripe! Its an easy pattern to knit compared to the contact lens popping item pictured above on its size 2mm cocktail sticks. Melons grows on 5mm bamboo circular needles! It was a bit of a b****** to photo tonight but I guess that you will get the idea!

I was also received an award this week, which really did make me smile. It was this:

Awarded to me by Yarn Spinner

Thank you M'am! The instruction was to then award this button to ten other bloggers who 'make my day'. I am not sure that I regularly read ten blogs (I have to keep a tight hold on my web habits!) but I can easily come up with five so far. My awards go to:

I would definitely award one to Yarn Spinner but she already has one!


Heather L. said...

I'm sorry about all the winds and flooding!

Your mitten looks lovely! And I think the brown thumb looks better that way than if it had been white or a continuation of the pattern!

Thanks for the blog award! That was kind of you! I'll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned, when I have a moment. The kids are vying for the computer just now. :)

clarabelle said...

I love the mitts; I think you've done really well with them (my next project is some colourwork... eek!). I've found the VLT board too - very helpful info to be shared, I think (I found, for instance, that people other than me had fudged knitted-on borders, so I felt slightly better!).

And thank you kindly for the award! That's so nice of you!

Queen of the froggers said...

Well done on your award! I love the colourwork on your glove, I think that the thumb is OK in brown. The melon scarf is beautiful and its so nice to see it in some different yarn.

Joanne said...

ACCK! Just wrote you a long note and it got deleted. First, I am honored to be among the "daily reads." Thanks! I also think your brown thumb is a wise choice. It can be hard to work those two colour repeats while decreasing a thumb, it can look a mess if the colours aren't just right. Also, I feel for you regarding the storms..we've just had one too. I wish you a bit of dry weather, and I hope that lorry driver was OK! (note the British translation...lorry, colour, etc. aren't you impressed!?)

Mrs J said...

A lingusitic triumph is achieved through blogland!I think the truck driver was unhurt & I am glad that you agree on the color!

Artis-Anne said...

Wow what crazy weather we are haing these days. We have had awful gales this last week and now its trying to snow. Hang on here a bit and you might be able to ski here instead of going away LOL
For some reason Ican't see the photo's of the mitts and the VLT :( must check out the Rav group.

Thank you so much for the award I so appreciate it especially now as I don't feel that I am giving my blog my full attention. Hopefully when I feel better things will get easier :)