Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Orange Wednesday

... and a very Happy New Year to all who pause 'on the hill'.

Two finished items to report!
One pair of socks - Embossed leaf by Mona Schmidt from 'Favorite Socks', knitted in Cherry Hill Supersock in colour 'Fall Colours'. You know I love to knit this pattern & I shall definitely use this yarn again.

One moebius in Adriafil's Felis trends, 100% wool. colourway 19, knitted on 9mm needles. I used a 2 stitch i-cord to bind off but its so thick that it has still rolled alot at the edges. Its Ok as it is, however a little gentle steam might improve things. I think that it is also the prompt that I needed to buy a nice shawl pin. Something in wood maybe?
Apart from the unfinished, need to find more yarn, BiL's socks I only have one lot of knitting on the needles -Peddler Shawl, which may get a little attention, although, never fear there is plenty in the stash! As it is currently fine here, I think that the dog & I will take a walk, listen to the latest 'Cast-on' podcast & consider the options. Hopefully Mr J will return with more coal so we can enjoy more of this ....
should the snow arrive, as forecast!


Heather L. said...

Thanks for the book suggestions! Your socks look lovely. i noticed that you have a little label you tape around the socks when giving them for presents? (I assume that's what I saw in your Christmas post) What a great idea!

My sister and a friend were here yesterday with their knitting. Christina is finishing up a fair isle sweater as she begins teaching a class on that on Saturday. Impressive -- I'm just a beginner. :)

Queen of the froggers said...

The moebus looks so cosy and so does the woodburner! We have open fires which are great when it is cold enough.

clarabelle said...

Lovely knits as usual and beautiful yarn shades, Mrs J! I really want a Romi shawl pin - she has some beauties here:

Hope you're keeping warm! We have an open fire toasting our toes too, while the east wind howls!

Terri said...

The knits are lovely, and perfect colours for such dark dismal days!! I've yet to try the embossed leaves socks, but have the book and will get round to them eventually!
I wish I had a nice cosy fire like that to snuggle up to and knit in front of:-(

Sparkley Stitches said...

We didn't get much snow did we and I was hoping to sledge down to the shop!!

I've been meaning to do embossed leaf socks for ages - might just have to cast on - speaking of Brenda nice to have her back isn't it.