Monday, 5 May 2008

Am I a process knitter?

The socks I started for my BinL are going into the frog pond AGAIN. There isn't enough yarn (it was a 'bargain'!) & I messed up the pattern repeat on the second foot. The Candle Flame shawl is on about 200 stitches & I suspect the lack of a border is something of an issue. So?????? you ask, expecting tails of tears & tantrums. So????? nothing. I have enjoyed the knitting, the yarn will live again. The socks will be frogged to the ankles & re-emerge as fingerless mitts, The yarn from the Candle Flame shawl, will ,if frogged, will be re-knitted. I may knit another Prairie Shawl. "No knitting is wasted knitting" says the wise women Sieue. I get what she means. Sieue is a 'founder' member of the Ravelry 'At Home in Harrogate' group. There was some exciting news for the group this week as baby Noah made an appearance -Congratulations to Lou & Antony. The group has also decided to have a 'Summer Swap' -a knitted item, another knitting 'thing' & a non-knitting item to be gifted to your secret partner at the end of Summer (you know the sort of thing). Great! Then questions like....
Favorite Color?
Favorite Food?
Favorite Designer?
Favorite Blog?
Favorite Yarn?
Favorite Esty Shop/Online Store?
Favorite Thing to Knit?
Favorite Pattern?
Favorite Non-Knitting Related Shop?
Favorite Restaurant?
ETA: 11. Favorite Book?

...come your way! I am a Gemini for goodness sake! So far

Fav. colour is icy pale blue (and red). Fav thing to knit has to be socks (with shawls coming up fast on the rails), Favorite pattern(s!) is Embossed leaf socks & Forest Canopy shawl, Favorite blogs are Clarabelle & Yarn Spinner I guess as I always have to stop & read them straightaway if they pop up on Bloglines. As to the other questions...... Books...yes I have loads of favorite books. Its a mood/genre thing. I am working on it. OK!

Good job it didn't stretch to favorite music -did I mention I have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in Manchester later this month?
I have one finished 'No purl Monkey'. Loving this pattern! I have just cast on Fawkes (a Socktopia pattern). Its not available for download at the moment but fortunately I had a copy saved. I went searching in my sock stash for something else to knit for BiL when I found some firey Fabel superwash & remembered Fawkes. Fawkes will be for me! Hopefully I will complete this months ASK challenge. Best buy some DK sockwool for BiL as I will see him in less than two weeks. BiL was the recipient of some Harry Potter socks using some lovely yarn from Bright Dyes. Unfortunately this seller doesn't appear to be selling yarn at the moment. Does anyone have any recommendations for other Harry Potter coloured sock yarn (preferably UK based -I don't want to be stung on postage/tax!)? Said BiL wants the set (Fortunately Sister is now knitting socks too- go girl!... and is on Ravelry!)
What is the world coming to, two fine days out of three in a Holiday weekend? Actually Saturday was fine, it p***** it down yesterday & today is warm and dry. The forecast for the rest of the week as SATS, GCSE's and A levels start is for warm sunshine! Typical!

On Saturday, in celebration of some decent weather AT THE WEEKEND & Ma & Pa's visit we took off up Wensleydale. First stop was an ice cream at Brymor Ice Cream. Raspberry was my flavour of choice & a good choice it was, although NOT in the quantities shown on the photo!
We then paid a visit to Jervaulx Abbey. I learnt recently that Jervaulx is a privately owned site, maintained by it owners out of love for the place & decided that we should go when we had the chance. I wasn't disappointed. The sun came out, there were only a few other people about & there was a real peace surrounding the place. The six of us (Moss came too) just wandered around taking photos. Son & heir was busy accumulating more shots for his A level Graphics portfolio (Echos of the past, part 2?). This is a selection of mine:

Moss can pose for photos when he wants to!

Me with my Dad.
Cowslips in May sunshine.

After a day of torrential rain yesterday in which the main event was a good traditional Sunday Roast (Beef & Yorkshire puds) today is warm & sunny so we took the truck for a ride (Moss had to stay at home as we are awaiting the back cover for it to turn it into a mobile kennel!). Our travels took us up to the head of Nidderdale & over into Masham & then home. S&H was the photographer for the day. I may borrow a few of his shots for my next post. The reflections on Gouthwaite Reservoir were stunning.


Joanne said...

I always feel so happy when I see you've posted! (and I find, surprise--that you've said the same thing about me!) I loved seeing the photos of your weekend! The abbey, the ice cream, the flowers, and yes, the photo of you! Now I know what you look like. :) Moss is stunning as usual, and last but not least...

I know what you mean about the process knitting. Even when it's not recycled into something else, sometimes it's just about knitting itself. One of my friends said to me, "Yes, but where will that curtain hang in your house?!" I had to say, well, it's a sample design for a book--it may never hang in my house...although I'd love it to. (and it will never match anything else!) I think only about 1 in 3 or 4 things I make ends up being "for me." That's ok. I don't do it for the end product, although I love that too... OK, back to the knitting. Today's a day when I have to knit "for work."

Heather L. said...

Your Saturday trip looks lovely! The sock pictured is beautiful too! I hate running out of yarn! Very annoying. Your ravelry group sounds like so much fun! I need to find something like that here.

Queen of the froggers said...

I am definately a process knitter as I will knit anything even if I don't like it! Your socks look great, I like the blockers. Nice picture of you too with your Dad. It looked like a great day out.

Artis-Anne said...

Ah the joys of knitting or indeed any craft !! Its all in the joy of making:) A bit like journeys I find ,I rather the travelling than the arrival at times . Talking of which , LOVE the new truck and read your previous post too . You will have great fun in it I am sure and Scotland has to be the best place to find wild places to stay . Not sure if we will make it up there this year sadly ; well not Summer time but maybe in the Autumn.
Great photies and lovely to see you at last too :)

Mrs J said...

I have to LIKE what I am knitting. If i don't, I frog it but that doesn't hurt!

clarabelle said...

Thank you so much for making me a 'fave blog'! I'm touched, honestly (probably in both meanings of the phrase)!

I love all your photos as usual (especially Moss, and you and your dad).

And it's a drag when knitting goes wrong, but at least you recognise that something isn't right, frog, and then re-invent. As you say, you enjoyed the knitting; the yarn will live again. Well spoken.

Judithg said...

Love your socks and pictures. Your biL says don't try and fob him off with bought socks (he knows the difference) he says get knitting and quickly as he will see you soon.