Monday, 19 May 2008

Time to blog.......!!!!

The last few weeks have flown by! Last weekend we had a fantastic weekend in Northumberland. When son & heir was small & before then we spent alot of time up there. The gorgeous Northumberland coast became a kind of family 'bolt hole' but then as things changed we stopped going. The last time we had done more than pass through the county was nine years ago. No reason really. My sister kept going, often twice a year, but not us. This year, though, dear sister, BiL (of the socks) & his sister & husband had booked a large house in Alnmouth with room for visitors! We set off at 9.00 & were parked on Alnmouth carpark by 11.00! It was grey & windy & wonderful to be back. Moss had never been. An hour or so wandering around Alnmouth and a lazy evening in the 'Boat House' and we wondered why we had been away for so long. By evening the sun had found its way to Northumberland and our supper time walk was rewarded with some interesting photo opportunities. Spot Moss on the right! Sunday morning dawned super bright & I took a solo stroll with the camera. The light on the estuary was fantastic. The sun was bright & the wind cool! After a fairly substantial breakfast(!) the plot was to head for the northern end of Embleton Bay & 'Football Hole' and to walk southwards along the beach. Moss thought it was great, so did the rest of us! A halfway turn around time found time for coffee, cake & kite flying.

'Football Hole' Sadly we had to head back to Yorkshire on Sunday evening, leaving Ju, Chris, Kerry & Wayne to have a fantastic week. I received this photo message in the week. It was my sister's birthday on Wednesday & clearly fun was been had by all! Happy Birthday Ju!

This week was S&H's last week at school! It was hectic, completing all the A level Graphics coursework. I think we all feel that we have lost part of our identity. Strange. My son doesn't go to Harrogate Grammar School (although he will be popping in for three fairly heavy sessions of exams in the next week or so!!!), he just 'used to' go to HGS. Anyway I think they had the kind of fun day on Friday that they will all remember for along time to come. 'Rites of passage' & all that!

I have managed some knitting time. BiL's thick socks were finished, delivered to Alnmouth & met with approval. They were photographed on the balcony of the 'Boat House'. It is a upside down house with the lounge & kitchen upstairs with the views. Smart move!I have also finished another pair of 'No Purl Monkeys'....

..and have knitted one and a half 'Fawkes'. This is a nice pattern to knit but a funny one to remember. That, I am pleased to say, seems to be a fairly typical comment on Ravelry. Not sure why. I would certainly knit them again but in a plainer yarn, another repeat longer & with a less 'square' heel. They may get finished today. I might even managed a bit of knitting in the sunshine as long as I can find a bolt hole away from the cold north easterly wind that seems to have been blowing for weeks!

We managed to escape out of the wind yesterday & catch the bluebells still in bloom in Braisty Woods near Summerbridge. Pretty as a picture! last thing, knitting in public! Do it! Some of the 'public' need to be educated. A few of the 'Nutty Kniiters' aka 'At Home in Harrogate' Ravelry group decided to grab an couple of hours knitting in 'The Smiths Arms' in Beckwithshaw on Wednesday evening. Nice pub, big tables, five ladies of varying ages sitting around and knitting, chatting & having a drink. Barman happy to carry across drinks, chef came out for a chat (another knitter it turned out), a cycling group wandered in, dressed in Lycra & flat shiny shoes & then a youngish couple sat at the table next to us, shuffled uncomfortably for ten minutes & left, muttering very 'un-pc' and incorrect comments about us! It may have been the five women aspect that they couldn't deal with, I don't know. I don't have any issues with knitting in public- planes, boats, cricket matches, pubs, cafes.... bring it on, but some are less comfortable with stares and inane comments 'What ARE you doing?''Are you learning to knit?' (not said to me, but to someone with a complex piece of lace on the needles!) and so for them & their knitting, knitting in public just has to be done!


Heather said...

your pictures are lovely!!! What a beautiful place to be. The water was just gorgeous, and I wanted to be there in person!

Mrs J said...

The water was blooming freezing. I had a paddle. My feet went numb!

Joanne said...

Wow, thank you for taking me on vacation with you! Such amazing scenery...makes me a little jealous!

As for the knitting in public, you are right. I KIP all the time, but I can't believe how many people are rude about such things. I even encountered one literary agency that said, "If it's about knitting, we're not interested." Nice to know they are biased BEFORE I submit, don't you think!?

Thanks, as always, for your lovely comments on my blog!

clarabelle said...

Glad you had a great time - the Northumberland coast is superb (we've been holidaying there quite a few times).

I don't tend to KIP that much - mainly because I feel it looks like a 'statement' on my part, and that I'm giving people carte blanche to speak to me about my knitting (and yes, usually inane comments!). And I'm not unsociable - I just get tired of giving the same answers, ie "yes, I'm knitting"; "no, it's not difficult"; "yes, I suppose I am a bit weird", etc... sigh.

Queen of the froggers said...

That looks such a great place, I love the shadows picture!