Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A long time since I knitted one of these!

Mrs Z's February baby jacket! For a baby geographer yet to be born! Over 17 years since I knitted a baby item & there were few of them then! My sister was the main knitter. She crafted wonderful fine knits, largely from Phildar so I was less inclined (& too kn********) to try. To our horror, both now as 'born again' knitters, all of our Phildar books seemed to have been flung! The issue of the baby surprise jacket has been 'resolved' so I now need to do a little yarn shopping (tough work but.......!!!!!)

I have been playing with the camera on my new mobile phone. As I was due an 'upgrade' I decided to go all out for having one with a great camera so I would always be able to have a camera with me to point & press. The photos on this post are some of the results. I must say I am delighted with it. It is a Sony Ericsson 800i, with 3.2 mega pixel camera! Its OK as a phone too!

The rose is a 'Climbing Arthur Bell' taken before the deluge! Talking of deluge.... yesterday was interesting! As good geographers both, me & Mr J went back out in the rain at tea time to photo and film some of the floods in Nidderdale.
The film clip is of the River Nidd at Hampsthwaite. The pack horse bridge is over 500 years old & the river is in the field!The video clip uploaded to Youtube was also taken on the phone!I have put photos on Flickr & have some 'proper' video footage waiting to be played with. All to appear in a classroom near here in September!

Is summer over? Nothing to do with the weather but because rugby has reappeared in our lives again! Son & heir is to do his first level refereeing qualifications over the next two weeks & starts training with both school and club!

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sarah said...

It feels as though summer never really arrived. The days are getting longer and the central heating cut in last night. I didn't think to switch it off because the thermostat sits on 16C and it's summer. Ha. I used to knit all my baby gifts from Phildar patterns, but most have gone missing. I had to dig the Phildar crochet magazines out yesterday to show someone how to do filet stitch.

I'd like to see the sun for a while, but at least we're not flooded. Life could be so much worse. (The Skin-So-Soft arrived yesterday, an emergency internet purchase. Not that the midges will come out when it's raining as hard as it will probably rain.)