Sunday, 24 June 2007

More of a cry for help!

After posting yesterday a few cogs clicked into place & I realised that if I was to knit something for the 'baby geographer' due just after the end of term, then I had better get cracking! I had some reasonably suitable yarn & Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'Knitting Almanac' so have started on the February Baby Sweater which is making speedy progress. The yarn contains too much acrylic for my liking but its a good 'test drive' however..... I would LOVE to knit the 'Baby Surprise Jacket' (in self striping yarn!)designed by the wonderful Mrs Z BUT I can't justify the £35 needed to buy the Opinionated Knitter via Amazon Marketplace - where else can I get the pattern? Soon? I have found a couple of US LYS's that sell paper patterns but I'm not in the US! Does anyone sell a download? Would some kind soul lend me theirs? I will give our local library a whirl but I am not too optimistic.


Kath said...

Ok - re EZ's pattern it may well be worth an inter-library loan, somewhere in the UK should have it! Or try going through where you could get a copy for about £16 (try for currency conversion) plus you get better reviews of knitting books on '.com' Or there is a variation on the suprise baby jacket in the last issue of 'Vogue Knitting' - hope that helps! Anyway - I love the new yarn - such a great colour! Sorry for the essay!

Mrs J said...

Thanks Kath! Will call in at the library IF it stops raining!