Thursday, 7 June 2007

Not so much to report!

The KSH shawl is coming on nicely. About 8 pattern repeats to go before tacking the border. Its a handy thing to be knitting outdoors -whilst watching cricket on Saturday it got a little chilly after tea so I was able to wrap it around me! Mr J still has only one sock!

The garden has some real colour now & the new bed that we have created by the gate has flowers - the yellow 'Arthur Bell' rose x 3 and 3 white lupins form the centre of the bed & will hopefully withstand wind, dog & balls! Hopefully I can post some pictures this weekend.

The vegetable plot is a tribute to the bean! Runner & four varieties of dwarf bean! Plus beetroot & courgettes & some more salad crops. The polytunnel is a braccia dominated zone. The downside is they might bolt in the heat, the plus is that they cannot be bird or butterfly food!

Sister & her DH arrive today -a long weekend to celebrate my 'significant' birthday on Monday. Hmm ..... not sure how it feels really! They celebrate a half century in cricket! Pity I have to go to work both tomorrow and on Monday!


sarah said...

Crumbs. Your list of plants sounds wonderful; I haven't tried lupins since the first year we moved here. Too many slugs and snails. Roses are good, though. All the cabbage-equivalents are under fleece/mesh/anything to keep the butterflies off: hordes of them will arrive a little later from the oilseed rape around the village. Easier than coping with the Mongols off the steppes, though :-)

Joanne said...

We have runner beans growing, too! The pattern of the poncho on my blog is Kimono Shawl (Kimono Lace). I knit it as a rectangular stole and then couldn't get it to stay on. That's when I sewed it together to make a poncho. It's mighty flattering as ponchos go, and good for cool weather. Thanks for reading my blog!

Kath said...

A very Yummy sounding garden you have there - I hope the weather and slugs have been kind for you and left you something to eat! Hope you had/have a really lovely time on your Birthday and were treated royally!

Kath said...

Hi, it's SKS but More SKS should be on it's way in the post! I think you're right that sock yarn doesn't count to the stash really - I'm trying to see my stash as projects now and try to box things off - doesn't stop me looking (and buying!)