Sunday, 25 February 2007

More photos from the Alps

I didn't take my camera out yesterday in the end, as we had to dodge between showers. There were alot of muddy sheep, some muddy ponies but few signs of spring in our valley that is open to the weather from the north and the west. Instead of spring in Yorkshire I have decided to post a couple more photos from our holiday -one landscape & one of skiing. I love the picture of the stream. The light was perfect and I hope to have it enlarged to A1 size.

It is by the church at Notre Dame de la Gorge, about 4 km south of Les Contamines, at the end of the road. Hanibal is said to have passed this way with his elephants as he crossed the Alps.
The second shot is of son & heir in action, showing off his good technique & very distinctive orange troursers!

I will post sock pictures tommorow. I needed some simple 'car knitting' for today so I have started some pretty mitts for me, using some Schoeller & Stahl Aran weight 'Big' Mexico that I bought at the Harrogate Knitting show in November. Less said about the rugby the better! Lets just say they came second! My attempt at some 'mothers mittens' (i.e. one with flaps) was not that successful before Christmas (the flaps flap off!) & so I am going to just knit some quick 'regular mitts'. I will photograph their progress later. The yarn is really colourful.

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Artis-Anne said...

Oh I agree I LOVE that picture of the stream and the son & heir looks very professional.
Rugby !! don't MENTION Rugby I don't think the Welsh team have realized what it is either this year, goodness know what they are playing !!! oh the shame :(
Look forward to seeing your new yarn