Thursday, 8 February 2007

The not very snowy north!

Where is all the snow? Its not in t'north! The photos were taken at about 5 o'clock tonight and at 450ft above sea level, on the eastern edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I spoke to my sister in the West Midlands who had horrendous journey to & from work, with little sign of any activity from gritting operations -plenty of gritters, not gritting! On the continent they use winter tyres & if it gets bad, snow chains, A quick check on the Internet will advise which routes require chains. Life goes on, so why is it so hard here. It must be more complicated than snow is infrequent?


Alice said...

Well, fair's fair and all that. You lot usually get loads up there. We haven't seen snow like we had today in the Chilterns, for about twenty years. It was about eight inches deep by 4pm and you still couldn't separate earth from sky.

Anyway, aren't you off skiing soon?

Mrs J said...

Ok then! Not that we have had so much over the last couple of years though. Looking at the Les Contamines forcast, we can expect nearly a metre over the next 6 days! A lot of that even at village level & les Contamines is not considered a high resort at all.