Sunday, 18 February 2007

The only one knitting at the airport!

Spent about 10 hours travelling back from Geneva (via Amsterdam) yesterday & I was the only one knitting! Its such a good & soothing way to spend time when travelling that its hard to understand 1) why its the first time i've done it and 2) why more people don't do it! The baby cable socks are coming on nicely! They are knitted in Opal ????. Silly me chucked the ball band away & I can't work out what it is! I might be able to work it out from My Ebay, but I bought it before Christmas. I actually prefer the stocking stitch bit where it knits in a random stripe & fair isle pattern to the baby cable rib, but the baby cable is nice.
We have had a great holiday. The weather chucked everything at us - 1/2 metre of fresh snow in about 12 hours, driving rain more commonly associated with August in Scotland & two days of wall to wall sunshine to finish with.
Les Contamines is a lovely village, it still has a traditional alpine feel. The skiing is good & its fairly laid back as french ski resorts go. The views (when visable!) were stunning.

I managed a nostalgic walk up the valley to Notre Dame de la Gorge. We walked through there about 25 years ago, starting out on the Tour de Mt Blanc (the long distance walk around Mt Blanc) on a very hot summers morning. It was a little different on Tuesday afternoon, but very beautiful in the snow.

The apartment was a real find. Very nicely laid out & furnished, right in the middle of the village & just a few minutes drive to the lifts. Flights were OK, all luggage accompanied us on both legs of the journey. Geneva airport on the peak holiday Saturday was the usual cattle market, but I just kept knitting.

Back to school tommorow! I could do with a few more days at home to get my head around everything, but there it is, no chance! Just get on with it!


Alice said...

Your holiday pics are fab! I am definitely going skiing again one day.

With the self-patterning yarn I never bother to knit anything but plain socks. It's either plain colour, fancy stitch, or the other way around. I get p'd off putting in all the effort, only to find you can't see it for all the colours.

Mrs J said...

'spose the effect is tweedy rather than fair isle. I've got a ball of pretty baby blue for the next pair -just need to choose a pattern!

Skiing is worth the pain! Son & heir started when he was three, on the end of a climbing rope.He is now 17 and REALLY GOOD! Thats not just proud mum speak -he hopes to do a ski instructors course in his gap year & is easily up to it. he even managed to bring my skiing on a bit this week!

Fiberjoy said...

What pretty pictures! Makes me want to go there just to soak it all in. You walked around Mt Blanc one summer? How long did it take? Sounds like a great excursion.

Knitting is about the only way I can handle being on a plane. And it makes the waiting in the airports go so much quicker.

(coming to you by way of artis-anne)

Mrs J said...

Walking the 'tour de mt blanc' took us about 10 days with alot of 'cheating' -taking buses along some of the valleys and missing out some of the harder varients. The only chairlift ride was to go downhill though! That was nearly 25 years ago!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh what fab holiday pics and it sounds like you hada great time. Great socks too ; I always knit when travelling even if we just go out shopping LOL