Thursday, 26 July 2007

day wear?

Will this be my day wear for the next few weeks? We are off to the Isle of Tiree at the weekend.

Tiree is technically an 'Inner Hebrides' but as you can see it is pretty 'outer' in that it faces out into the Atlantic -next stop Canada! Weather wise its in the way of whatever is coming in from the west. It does hold the sunshine record for the UK though & they do say that if you do not like the weather, wait ten minutes & it will change! The forecast is fairly mixed! We should have some sunny days anyway. The wetsuit was bought to make a bit of body surfing possible, DH & son & heir will no doubt be wind surfing, kite surfing, kayaking..........!!!!

The knitting projects have been identified -French (Yorkshire?) Market bag for a bit of journey knitting.

The yarn is called Brigantia Fussion & is actually made in Yorkshire! It came from Sheepish, my LYS, & I am assured that it will felt beautifully. I have not knitted the base 'in the round' as I didn't have any 4.5 dkp's so I went for the other option. I also have my 'yarn over' socks to finish (thanks for all the reassurance about the bind-off). The prairie shawl is going to be the 'main knit' I think but I am all ready to 'go' on the Anonymous Socknitters Sockdown, starting on August first. For those of us hooked on Ravelry this is a twelve month 'project' with targeted socks each month, choosing a pattern from the named designer or a specified design element. First up is 'Knitbug' or 'Lace' so I will I think have to knit (again!) Embossed Leaves
by Mona Schmidt, which I loved knitting & wanted to knit again. The yarn...... this yummy gifted yarn. Thank you Anne! There are 'random' prizes & no compulson to 'do' each sock. There is a two month 'window' for each set of projects. Although I am starting with a pattern I have knitted before I do intend to use some of the projects to challenge me! Fair Isle for example! I think it means that presents will be sock shaped this year! Hopefully this is what Sunday will look like & this is where we will be, Traigh Bail on the west coast of Tiree! This was taken three years ago on our first vist -can you see why we return?

Just a last bit to add, I am now a proud member of the 'Cloud Appreciation Society'!

Late note! This arrived this morning! I want to knit them ALL! Just time to slide it into the packing!


Alexia said...

it looks beautiful where you're going / you are mrs J!

Joanne said...

Lucky you! I hope your vacation is wonderful. Be careful with "Knitting on the Road"--it does have some errata. Look them up online before diving into a pattern or since you're a smart knitter, you can probably solve it on your own. I'm envious and hope the holiday's a blast!

Kniterature said...

Hi Mrs. J,

Thanks so much for the comment you left on my new blog! I was thrilled that someone read it. I'm slowly figuring out how to put pix on my posts.
Have a great time on your holiday!


Artis-Anne said...

Have a wonderful time away & I do hope you won't need to wear that suit unless you are taking a dip in that beautiful sea.
Look fwd to seeing all your photos when you return

artyfartykat said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.
Hope you have a fabulous holiday, it looks beautiful!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Oh my gosh, this seems like an absolutely heavenly place - I'm just a tiny bit jealous here! ;) But you certainly deserve this trip and oh, I'm sure you're all going to have a lot of fun! Fingers crossed that the weather will work out the way you expect it to - and I'm looking forward to seeing many great pics when you return home! Have a wonderful time there!

sarah said...

I am sooo jealous. But I hope you're having a lovely time with lots of sun.