Sunday, 8 July 2007

just a Gemini?

A number of projects (apart from work, garden & the like) are spinning but in real time & in my head. Its not my fault, I am a Gemini! Bit of an epic post, sorry -its over a week since I last posted & things have moved on.

After considerable kindness in finding me a copy of the EZ baby surprise jacket I frogged it after about 2 hours work! With all the colour & garter bumps it was too busy. I reverted to the EZ February jacket but just let the yarn do the talking & knitted it all in stocking stitch (apart from garter borders). It just needs a rainbow of tiny buttons & a gentle block before I give it to the Mum to be.
Mr J's Mexico socks are beginning to grow again, despite a disaster with my bamboo circulars! End of the magic loop & back to the beloved Britany Birch's! hopefully it will be replaced but I actully prefer 4 needles (except when one goes walkabout!)

I have also finished the Kidsilk Haze wrap (without a border). I liked it without, knitted about 3 inches of border & still liked it without so it is sans border! I like it. There are too many mistakes. Most are not really visible but I know that they are there & as I was blocking it I found a growing hole where the yarn had split or (more likely) I had missed picking up a stitch (or both). Its darned so only I know its there! I have now bought more stitch markers for bigger needles so there should be less mistakes! I would like to buy some 'proper' lace pins & wires for blocking lace knits but where do I find them? I am not even sure what to enter inorder to 'google' for them!

The little number also modelled on Gloria is the start of a 'peasant' skirt I intend to make. It has three tiers! It might be a bit closer to finishing if the weather gave any encouragement! Its not a bad day here today but its not floaty summer skirt stuff -more 'you don't need a thick sweater or wellies!' This will be my first 'dressmaking' for many a year, but encouraged by the creative folk out there in blogland I have borrowed Gloria from my sister, added a couple of inches to my favorite basic skirt pattern (I am not as slender as the student who used to make her skirts & dresses!) We shall see!

I have started my 'big holiday knit'! The holiday is still 3 weeks away but........ I am using the Jaeger extra soft merino wool in a deep rich brown & knitting a prairie shawl from 'Folk Shawls'. The yarn is wonderful! Sooooo soft & buttery! I have changed the lace from a garter stitch to a stocking stitch lace. The border is still garter stitch & I think that is enough garter stitch. I neatened the edges with a slip first stitch routine. It is an easy knit. I know the pattern already so it is good to go!
These are the 'real' projects I am moving between. There is the not to be taken lightly matter of which sock patterns to knit next and, if that's not enough, temptation is placed in front of me from Ireland and Celtic Memory with mentions of little & big Ganseys! Do I take on the challenge of the French Market Bag? What will I knit with the left over KSH? My mind is as turbulent as the River Wharfe at Grassington! On Tuesday we took Year 10 Geographers to start their coursework. Fortunately we were NOT planning to do river studies!

Just an afterthought or two..... now that I have unpacked the shopping following the visit from the Tesco van! We are trying hard to reduce our 'carbon footprint'. We have added two dustbins beyond the back door (cardboard & plastic) as Harrogate do not collect these (they do collect glass. tins & paper), we use the energy saving light bulbs, have stopped leaving stuff on standby, share lifts when we can & now have started using the home shopping service. The nearest Tesco's is a 40 mile round trip. Asda & Sainsbury's are closer, but they are just not Tesco! Not only does it save fuel but it saves time. So far I am impressed, although I did have a few odd orders -1 courgette when I thought I had oredered a kilo, for example. We use online ordering alot anyway for books, DVD's, yarn, more yarn......... John Kirriemuir has written an excellent entry in his blog Silversprite about the value of online shopping for remote communities. John lives on Bernaray in the Outer Hebrides & there are wonderful photos and tales about this gorgeous little island on his blog.

.....oh yes.....I have finished reading Conn Iggulden's 'Wolf of the Plains'.
Its a novel based on the early life of Genghis Khan. When Bernard Cornwall says of a book 'A brilliant story -I wish I'd written it' you know that you are in for a good read! I knew little of Genghis Khan beyond the 'came from the east' stuff & found it to be as it said on the tin 'an epic story'.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh so much to read and talk about, fantactic post:)
Great little jacket and love the bright colours too and I think your choice of pattern was right , let the yarn do the talking !!
The kidsilk wrap is so gorgeous and I agree its lovely without the border . You can get 'proper' lace pins and wires here but so far I have just used some welding wires and a kiddies playmat from Asda !!
Shame about your needles :( that's the problem with the thin wood/bamboo ones
Funnily enough Kath has bought me some fabric to make a skirt to match my latest knit and the last shawl I made and mine is supposed to be a three tired one too, from an old pattern . I used to do so much dressmaking but not in years !!LOL
Great holiday knit and I agree that yarn is just so soft I have some in my stash waiting for something to do with it !!
Wish Tesco's would deliver up here , but our nearest one is not big and doesn't do deliveries :(
Many thanks for your post on my blog and I think we both have found something inspirational in blogging and I love reading your blog and seeing all your photos too

Joanne said...

Thanks for your thoughtful post on my blog! I too spend a lot of mental/physical energy on recycling. We are not lucky enough to even have certain kinds of recycling at the landfill if I were to drive it there! There are such great distances in the USA that many things aren't as easily accessible if one's community doesn't choose to "do the right thing."

Your knitting is lovely and I wish I had to time to pile up the knit items on my blog as everyone is doing right now!

Artis-Anne said...

You have won the prize in the draw on my blog. I have left a comment there also. I just hope I catch you before you go away on your hols
Can you mail me at tussockhoppersAThotmailDOTcom