Sunday, 15 July 2007

Garden Party!

Mr J & I were out and about last night at a 'Garden or Gardening' themed party! Some folk had far more imagination than we had when it came to what to wear! We just did a 'Lord Chatterley and the Gardener' combo.He donned cricket sweater, cream linen trousers, boater & made a croquet mallet out of the tent peg mallet, I wore big straw hat, my gardening apron (very handy for mobile phone etc, rather than seed packets & twine) & carried a basket of produce! There must have been at least four Charlie Dimmock's there (of both sexes!)

The straw man was the host!

The weather was fine which was wonderful. Today has turned wet (again!) and we have been sorting through a load of things that we have deemed surplus to our requirements & have decided to try a 'car boot sale' when we return from our holidays. Part of this was a huge pile of photo/ picture frames that we have accumulated & no longer like/want. Some of them contained photo collages of us, dogs and son & heir when he was small. These are quite precious & yet getting tatty as glue has given way & cut photos have curled. Rather than create another storage problem I have spent an hour or so scanning them via Picasa. I will then upload them to Fickr or a Picasa web album to be safely stored in cyberspace until a fresh copy is required. I also found some things that I had forgotten I had done, like making a collage of memories from both Mr J & S&H's christenings!

On the knitting front, Mr J nearly has a new pair of socks, another baby item is nearly finished - a little jacket from the, in Patons DK cotton. It will not get the daisies, it may or may not get a hood -depends if I need another ball of yarn to finish the jacket. Its simple, its white & its quite cute. Its also quite big! The tension was spot on, but its more 3 months than birth or is my memory letting me down? I think my seventeen year old six footer was smaller, but then again he was a 6lb & 3 weeks early arrival! Good job he doesn't read my blog. I would be in HUGE trouble for this!

See earlier posts for what has happened since! I will photo the jacket later. I bought some really cute Beatrix Potter buttons, half price at my LYS 'Sheepish' in Knaresborough. They had a basket of really cute and unusual buttons all reduced because they could no longer get them. perhaps I do need to pop in for another look. We have an excellent haberdashers locally ('Dutton's for Buttons') but when I went to buy some for the little rainbow jacket I had a nasty shock with respect to price! The selection is excellent BUT I could have easily spent as much as I had on yarn, because it required 7 buttons. At least socks and shawls do not need buttons!


WJS said...

i don't think that is a straw man at all! i think it's you.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

That looks like it was a fun party! Thanks for the birthday wishes you sent to me. I have bookmarked your blog and will give it a good read when there is a bit more time. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the school break!

sarah said...

Hm. Those well-stuffed gloves look like a ploy to allow the host to escape serving the food and drink! I'm glad the weather was kind to you.

Dipsy Doodle said...

This party sounds like such a lot of fun - and yay for the weather being good to you while it lasted! I really love the mosaic you posted, how very cute!

Artis-Anne said...

That looks like a fun party and I am glad the weather held for you.
I too hada shock at the price of buttons recently too. Thank goodness I have a huge button box which has been passed down to me

Kath said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! I love the little February cardi - sorry to hear the Baby Suprise didn't work out after all that chasing round you had! Hope you have a great summer break!