Sunday, 22 July 2007

Garden moments

Some garden photos! Starting with the first ripe tomato of the year! A hanging basket plant.
Another first, this time a first ever pepper. There are four plants (all from Dobbies) & they are all showing promise.
I am also experimenting with growing a cucumber for the first time this year, again indoors (thank goodness) & that is moving upwards at least.
As you can see the weeds are growing well! Outdoors things are a little damp but fortunately we have not had the monsoon that has hit further south, just too wet for cricket rain. The runner beans are showing promise. In a dry summer I spray them with cold water to help the flowers set, so no worries there!

The variety of runner beans is called 'Painted Lady'. I like the red and white flowers, which is why I grow this type. They are good to eat as well. The french beans have flowers on & hopefully will freeze well if we ever get enough heat for them to grow!

The flower garden is still pretty, despite the weather. I think this clematis is called 'Elizabeth'.


Dipsy Doodle said...

What an absolutely beautiful garden you have! And I'm totally impressed that your tomatoes are already ripe - mine are still quite green despite the hot weather we've been having. But well, I still have hope ;)

Joanne said...

Your garden is stunning. I've had my tomatoes going for a month or so, and I even grow outdoor cukes, but your runner beans? Wow. Ours flower but hardly produce beans in the heat. Plus, our whole yard is a jungle right now and I haven't hte energy to pursue the weeds with a vengeance. Thanks for the view into what gardening "should" look like!