Saturday, 20 January 2007

An Aga Saga (or Reflections on a Rayburn!)

Every picture tells a story! Yup.... its not fixed. Monday 9.30 is the appointed time but we shall see. We can't even get through to the insurance company to check that all is OK with them, no doubt due to them being swapped with calls following Thursdays storms! So its camp cooking for a bit longer! We are managing to keep the house fairly warm with an assortment of heaters & our trusty Coalbrookedale multi-fuel burner, which has burnt without a rest since last Sunday, keeping the sitting room toasty warm & overnight drying the washing on the clothes horse tastefully arranged around it! Nice! Didn't bother taking a picture of that. Perhaps if I had a nice vintage wooden clothes horse & some white linen, but plastic & rugby kit....... I'd never sell that image to Country Living. Thursday was really wild here (and at 500 feet above sea level & only sheltered from the south) we are used to wild weather. I had a Parents Evening on Thursday & had to weave my way home by a variety of roads as the A1 north was closed due to blown over lorries. All at home seems in place. Hopefully anything that could have been blown away was long gone. My next piece of avoiding marking exam papers is to go and check on the Polytunnel & my overwintering plants. Its time I started planning spring planting & put it back into greater use. A supply of salad crops is perfectly possible with a bit of extra protection against any frosts so I better look at the seed & plant sellers websites...LATER! Himself is happy with his little black hat. Odessa is on my head but not fit for picture because a) its lumpy cos its not been washed & blocked and b) its on my head. Grandad now wants a hat.
So whilst its getting a bit tedious, he will deserve a warm head as he takes Moss the dog for lots of walks when Moss goes on his holidays to Grandad & Grandmas when we are skiing, so I will oblige. 2" of nice green aran done so far.Last thing.... Cast-On is back. This podcast is a recent find so its still march 2006 in this house as me & my Aunt work our way through past episodes but it was great to see that Brenda is back with her podcast. Auntie doesn't have a computer or an i-pod so I copy them onto CD. Not sure if this is strictly legal, but I am sure she doesn't them sell them on e-bay or a market stall & it means I can listen whilst driving to work. I just love her sign-off . It something like "If you are cold, put on a sweater, that's what they are for"! On a more serious note, her essay in the episode 'On Gauge' was very thought provoking.

The wind is really gusty again this morning. Sunshine & showers I think is the BBC phrase. I took this photo about half an hour ago from the back door. Dog & I have just been out to check on the polytunnel. All is well there in the polyanthus in their inner greenhouse are in bloom & asking to be potted on into bigger tubs ready to move outside for some spring display. Might happen tommorow. Depends whether rugby is on. That's my life! In summer, change 'rugby' for 'cricket'.

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Alice said...

Sorry to hear you're not all fixed yet, but at least you do have some sources of heat and you have a lovely view (as if that helps!)

Oh, please show us your Odessa - you know how I like them.

I've never listened to Cast-On, though I've heard it mentioned quite a bit. Just don't get the quiet time to sit and listen.