Saturday, 27 January 2007

The sun is shining!

The red baby cable ski hat is finished, complete with big bobble! Modelled here by a reindeer to reflect my liking of reindeer & moose related things! I am going to give the bobble a try out in a minute when I take the dog a walk around Brimham Rocks. If its too wobbly it may have to go or it will drive me nuts skiing! I really like the baby rib & decided to knit a headband in the left over from Odessa, taupe Cashsoft Aran. Temperatures in the Alps have plummeted! and snow has arrived!

...... just got back from our walk. The bobble is going! Its too heavy & the weight is pulling the hat off my head or over my eyes. It will fly off when I am skiing. No worries though. I like the hat. The headband just needs another row & cast off. If I don't like it as a headband then I will just have to buy more wool & carry on until its hat size!

The sunshine this morning was very welcome. Its been a week of real highs & lows. Highs = son & heir passing his driving test just 2 months (minus one day as he is quick to point out) after his seventeenth birthday. Lows .... school is tough at the moment & we still have not found an engineer to mend the cooker. The sunshine inspired a bit of love and attention to the garden & some planning of things to come. The polyanthus was bought in from the polytunnel & we have planned our vegetable seed order which I will deal with next. New for this year will be carrots, spring onions, dwarf beans, garlic and stir fry leaf salad leaves along with the tried & tested runner beans, cauliflower, courgettes, spinach and french leaf salad mix. A Tumbling tomato plant or two will be sourced locally & the order will be rounded off with a hundred or so Bizzy Lizzies ordered as mini plants which provided colour from late June until October.

The next question is what to knit next? I managed to photo some of my stash in its newly wound form & it does look...... crafty? This is the remains of some double knitting sock wool knitted up before Christmas. Can't remember what it is other than I bought it from the Web of Wool stall at the Harrogate Stitch & Knit Show. I think it will be socks, maybe something from Folk Art Socks...... decisions.... decisions......!


Alice said...

What about a much smaller bobble?

Your son was quick off the mark. I used to be a driving instructor and very few could pass THAT quickly!

I hadn't thought about using the baby cable rib for anyhting else, but what a good idea.

Mrs J said...

.....Might have something to do with learning to drive the land rover (first in low range gears) on tracks behind remote Scottish beaches, during three years worth of holidays on various remote hebridean islands?