Monday, 22 January 2007

Half and Half and alot of hats!

The Rayburn is half mended! We now have heat & hot water but we are still on camp cooking. Not sure why. The cooker bit worked for a while. Perhaps it was the shock of full on fuel flow? We now need to get a Rayburn cooker specialist to look at it, rather than any old heating engineer.

Odessa is kind of blocked (well drying anyway, blocking is not an exact science in this house) but is still a bit lumpy.Its OK though.

I've actually managed an hour at the gym tonight in the spirit of not killing myself when skiing in three weeks time. Mind you, some snow to ski on will help. Snow conditions in the Alps are just beginning to improve, but have been awful.

Grandad loved his hat! (Grandad is Dad to himself & Grandad to son & heir). Not sure Grandma was impressed but its not for her. I have decided that rather than the 25 grams of red RYC Cashsoft Aran left from knitting S&H's hat hanging around in my stash bag, it would make more sense to buy another ball at the sale price of £2.99 & knit a little red ski cap for ME! So I have! I liked the baby rib pattern in Alice's socks so I have used that rather than plain k2 p2.
So far I am liking it alot! Son & heir is happy with his red rib.

A package arrived with (another) e-bay purchase today. I now own a previously owned wool winder! I worked my way through all of the odds in my stash & they are all neatly wound. It was a very satisfying & mindless way to avoid the stack of work I needed to do when I got home from school today! I think I was driven to purchase such an item by all the photos from blogs in the US (especially Brooklyn Tweeds 'art' photos which are gorgeous!). My attempts to photo them tonight are NOT gorgeous so that will have to wait.


Alice said...

Very cool hats! Is your Odessa brown? Mine are a bit lumpy, too.

Your baby cable rib is very neat and the yarn is such a great colour. It's a nice stitch to knit, isn't it?

Cute son and heir!

Mrs J said...

I think the Odessa is 'taupe'. Quite classy for me really!I think that a crisp pure wool might be better, neatness wise but this cashsoft is soft! Cute S&H passed his driving test today but thats another story.