Sunday, 14 January 2007

whatever next?

The sun has been shining here in Yorkshire. The lads won the rugby match by 16-7 in a tough match that showed real character. We then got back home & the Rayburn had gone out & wouldn't re-light. It runs on oil & provides heat, hot water & cooking. Great! We have an 'emergancy cover' thing but of course all we could do on Sunday was report the problem! The log burner is now lit & cosy, but Sunday dinner will be the 'Sunday what can you do in/on a microwave/camp cooker'. Not quite the same thing really. I am a dab hand at the old camp cookery BUT Yorkshire Puddings & Roast I can't manage! The ride to Malton & back means that the black hat is ready for the crown shaping anyway but it was dark before I had chance to take any pictures of the red hat & the model has now gone out. Hopefully normal service can be resumed tommorow!

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Alice said...

Oh dear! I remember the central heating breaking down in February one year and being freezing, REALLY FREEZING, as we only had an open fire in one room and it was the coldest snap ever.

I hope you're sorted now.