Saturday, 13 January 2007

Hats not socks

At the moment the needles are busy knitting hats, because in 4 weeks we will be in Les Contamines in the French Alps for a weeks skiing. I acquired several lots of RYC Cashsoft Aran at a reduced price from my favorite shop Sheepish in Knaresborough, with the plan to knit Odessa either with or without the beads. My son took one look at the red yarn & announced that it was "cool" & could he have a ribbed hat like his favorite one that "you ruined!"(I did.. put it on the top of the Raybun to dry & all of its stretch went west!). So it was a quick guilt trip & a search for a pattern produced a possible candidate from Fig & Plum. No turn up brim allowed, tension OK ish (its a stretchy hat so that's was good enough for me). It knitted up quickly and met with approval, just shortening it & changing the crown a bit so now I am allowed to knit him one in black! I will photo it tomorrow if I can in amongst usual Sunday chores plus going to watch son & heir play rugby (Harrogate U17's v Malton & Norton U17's-which is a bit of a key match for second place in the league & a place in various cup competitions) and some teacher stuff.... marking exams, preparing lessons....!!!!!

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