Friday, 9 March 2007

Fibre on the hoof and Auntie's Socks

It was a beautiful late afternoon when I got home from work so the dog & I went a walk with the camera. Thought this picture of fibre on the hoof was worth a snap. They belong to one of our neighbours & are Teeswaters, complete with dredlocks! Do you think she was admiring my sweater? There were some signs of early spring. The curlews have been back for a week, which is 'on-time'. They have not noticed any climate change or signs of an unusually early spring. There was a really chill wind. Dog & I have had a couple of really good tea time walks this week, which were exactlly what was needed. The education game has been pretty tough this week. My exam classes (A level & GCSE Geography, plus GCSE Citizenship) are great, a real pleasure to teach. My geography groups seem to share much of my passion for geography & have a genuine feel for enquiry & want to learn but some of the year 8 and 9's ....!!!!!!!! Just don't realise that schools are places to learn! Actually much of the stresses are created by the adults... the kids you just deal with!

Auntie's socks are making slow progress but I should be able to finish the second one this weekend & get them washed & blocked and in the post by Tuesday. I managed a photo but it was difficult to capture the colour & the pattern. Its also tricky to photo your own foot without growing thick ankles!

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Dipsy Doodle said...

This Rastafari-sheep rocks big time, I adore these dreadlocks ;) And your auntie's sock is coming along so beautifully too, she's going to love it, that's for sure!