Tuesday, 20 March 2007

More socks- Its a northerly Jim!

The yarn is an Opal sock yarn, just a quick knit in stocking stitch with a heart worked into it in kind of an embossed pattern (from my new book!)The colours in the yarn are great, real blackberries and cream......

I still have not decided about my 'big project', hopefully 'Victorian Lace Knitting Today' will be here soon.

As a geographer I had to have a map for my blogs & I (and my students) have been fascinated to see the little red dots spread across the globe as folk read the blogs.My A level students were especially interested to see links to 'Geography Room' and 'Geographylost'on geography teachers blogs in other countries. Yet again, the power of the blog!

The weather in Yorkshire continues to be characterised by arctic blasts.
The Metcheck map showing the position of the jet stream explains why! These upper atmosphere winds are pulling down the polar air over Britain & the rest of Europe.


Artis-Anne said...

Love the sock colour and a great embossed pattern in it too .
The power of the blog world is amazing isn't it ; I love looking at my stats counter to see were some folks come from .
Damn right its a northerly Jim , its scorched my primulas no end !! We get mainly south westerly's up here but if its a north wind then its flippin freezing . It's sunny today though so hopefully walking the dogs won't be too unbearable

Mrs J said...

My primulas are drooping from the cold & they are on the sheltered south side of the house!

Alice said...

Like your sock.

But what I really have to know is, how long will this coldness go on for? Also, I can't even see where the jetstream is on that map! Is it the big yellow bit? Does this mean somewhere else is lovely and warm because of it? Funny how these things balance out.

Mrs J said...

yup.... big yellow bit! Warmer by next week (click on the 'free' button on the Metcheck website for various weather forecast options)