Sunday, 11 March 2007

some sunday things

Another lovely spring day in Yorkshire. Some gardening has been done -mainly pricking out the first seedlings & sowing others. These are in the 'inner' greenhouse inside the polytunnel and quite snug in there. The rest of the polytunnel is ready for a dig & laying the irrigation system (a leaky hose system & yes I did pay good money for a hosepipe with holes in it!) I am reading 'Scenes from a smallholding' by Chas Griffen. Its an entertaining read & whilst some of it might be my pipe dream there are some great gardening/ veg growing ideas and experiences. On the subject of small holdings and self sufficiency (sort of) we watched the new Casterway series first episode on Friday. I found the first one fascinating (I bought the polytunnel as a result), but can't say we were at all impressed with the second series start., the location was amazing but it was so contrived 'are they pirates'? Give me strength! Might watch tonights but it could be the last!

Aunties socks have caused much stress. I reached the heel before comparing the second sock with the first & realised that they didn't match!!!! I had reversed the pattern on the first & not on the second if that makes any sense, so had to frog the second & match its curves to the first ...grrrr. Time might be tight! They are back on track now despite a very exciting rugby match on TV this afternoon! Well done boys, you did England proud. I have been watching
rugby long enough to remember when the 'outside half factory' was in Wales. Now its in Newcastle! Fantastic Falcons fly high!

Dog and I went for a RALK late this afternoon (RunandwALK). Furthest yet I think. It was try enough to venture along some of the tracks across the valley in running shoes, rather than wellies which was great. Must try and keep up to it as we are going skiing again in three weeks!


Dipsy Doodle said...

Well, now the time of the year arrives when I'm *so* longing to have my own garden, no matter if it'd be just a really tiny place, just something for myself - but alas, as it is I'm stuck with two balconies and trying to squeeze everything that I'd like to plant into them. I do have big plans for this year though, let's see if all that I plan will indeed grow on a balcony ;) Do enjoy your gardening time, it's so wonderful being outside in the sun and working with the earth and its goodies!
So sorry to hear about the troubles Auntie's socks are giving you - but I'm sure that now after the frogging things will work out perfectly fine!

sarah said...

I have a polytunnel too, but it's only c.45cm high and 2m long. We have a tiny garden! You're right, it's high time I did some preparation if I want early vegetables. What is it about socks? I've just ripped my pair back to the toes after making a foolish mistake in the pattern. I should have been working in the garden anyway...

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog and sorry I have been lapse in catching up .
Now a sprinkler hose is defintly NOT what I need up here in the garden. I used to grow a lot of veg until I moved up here but sadly no more as it just too wet and what grows the slugs get even stuff they are supposedly said not to like. Missed the Castaway so far ,damn ment to watch. Now re self suffucency I still have two books by John Seymoor on the subject , do you remember him ?
Sorry the socks are causing distress , boy do I know that feeling LOL.
Think our 'factory 'is shut down but as you said probably re-located :(