Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Not the snow forecast for North Yorkshire!

Les Arcs Snow Forecast I was checking out the forecast for Les Arcs & thought I might post it here. It was definitely spring in Nidderdale this afternoon but its winter again tonight. We do not care! The Rayburn is well again & all are cosy. A new 'steam generator' iron - a ***** expensive bit of kit to do the ****** ironing is awaiting collection at Comet tomorrow. I was seduced by the 'cut ironing time by 70%' comments & I do know people who have one & support the view ( and they have 3 boys!). I have opted for a mid range option. For the price of the most expensive ones I would want the ironing done for me!


Artis-Anne said...

So glad you are cosy again:)
We were on the phone to friends in France last night (they are near Poitier ) and they had snow all day there yesterday and have had far colder weather than us .It was warm here yesterday in the sun, very pleasant and the primulas popped their heads up again :)
Hope you new 'steam generator iron ' works well, does it use coke or ordinary coal !!
Bet it wasn't as expensive as the new crown I have to have; £180 for ONE tooth & that's on the NHS !!

Mrs J said...

Funny you should mention dentists -I have just been but my check up, scale & polish was £28 & thats private! He is Ok, our dentist!

sarah said...

It was snowing here this morning, although it didn't settle. I think we're responsible for this cold weather: he decided to take the secondary double glazing down before he left. It was much warmer last week!

Pippi said...

Interesting, you have snow and we have 55f and RAIN! (at 8:30pm!!)
Weather wackyness!