Thursday, 15 March 2007

Winter on its way back to the Alps!

If the forecast is correct then we can anticipate good conditions in a couple of weeks time when we return for another ski holiday! This time we are loading up the land rover & heading via the overnight ferry from Hull to Zeebrugger (Yes there is a disadvantage of living in t'north - the channel ports & the tunnel are a flippin long way away & there is a lot of 'south' in the way!) to drive down to Bourg St Maurice. We have again snared a neat little apartment just a couple of minutes from the funicular which will whisk you up to Arc 1600 & all of 'Ski Paradiski'. This has become a bit of a family tradition - Feb ski somewhere new & Easter pile back to Bourg, either driving or (last year) Easyjet. The advantage of this set up is that it also is flexible booking, not Sat-Sat or Sun-Sun. I have attempted to insert the mini-forecast in here but apparently there is something wrong with the html code & as I do not speak html that will have to wait!

Aunties socks are finished! Picture to follow, they are nearly dry after blocking! They are only a day late & I think they are OK. I think Auntie will be happy with them. They certainly fit the Amish belief that a flaw should be stitched into work, as a perfect project is an insult to god, as only god is capable of perfection (Think that's right)!


Artis-Anne said...

Hey up lass ,off on holiday again ;-) Sounds fantastic,I have never skied in my life and its too late now unfortunatley but I am looking forward to seeing the photos. I do envy you going to Canada but we too go up to Scotland every year and I love it there especialy the west coast

Artis-Anne said...

Oh I forgot to ask, we have only been to Scotland in either May or September/ October and have never come acroos the infamous midges (well no more than we have here )
You said you go up in the summer . so do you get any problems ; or are we just tough up North ?