Sunday, 18 March 2007

New knitting books & some stuff

Whilst shopping in Leeds yesterday (a rare event but son & heir needed to take my credit card for some exercise!) we paid our ritual visit to Starbucks which is located INSIDE Borders bookshop & represents an American innovation that is to be wholly applauded. After coffee I had a wander to the basement & found this.......
It is a lovely book, so full of wonderful colour photos of stitches & techniques that it had to come home with me. Much is probably on the net but there is a time, I think, when nothing but a book will do. Based on the same principal, this book is also on its way from The Book Depositary:

The inspiration to buy it came from the very many references to it that I have found in lots of the blogs that I lurk around though! I have decided that I need another larger project as well as a steady stream of socks. I am also studying my copy of ' Knitting without Tears' because I do need a sweater & I HATE sewing up knitting!

A meteorological note: Its snowing on and off up here in North Yorkshire, the wind is out of the west & is very strong!

A domestic note: The engineer has replaced the 'bit' on the Rayburn and .....its still tripping out! ...... and the iron has died!!!!! When will it stop? The washer seems to be OK though!!!! fingers crossed!!!!

Oh, and Auntie loved her socks!

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Artis-Anne said...

Oh that looks a good book. I love VLT and am doing 'Melon' at the moment, goodness knows if I will ever wear these shawls I am planning to do !!
I too must re-read 'Knitting Without Tears'
Its snowing on & off here also but the winds have died down from last night abd it's so cold.
So sorry the Rayburn saga is continuing; wish my iron had packed in :) I have just spent all morning ironing , a task I loathe.
So glad Auntie loved her socks

Oh I received that Avon spray and so glad you told me about it as its so much more pleasant to use , thank you:)