Thursday, 15 March 2007

a quick update!

Early signs of life in the polytunnel -Stir Fry leaf mix salad!

Nice to work at home this morning -it is 'Review Day' today, where the students just come in with their parents for a 15 minute interview, usually with their tutor, to discuss progress & set targets. I am doing the 'grave yard' shift & seeing a few parents who are unable to make it during the main part of the day, so I have been working since 7.45 (which is about 5 minutes earlier than I normally start AT school?!!!!!), but with a bit of blogging (Geog & not) and chores like putting out the washing mixed in. YES! The washer is fixed & the new bit for the Rayburn is due to be fitted tommorow. Grandad & Grandma to house/ dog/ Rayburn sit. Thank you M&M!
Not Eye Candy Friday, but only Thursday, however it might be covered in snow by Monday if the Metcheck forecast is right!

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Artis-Anne said...

Great to see the socks are done and looking good:) Yes snow is forecasted but then if they forecast it we are most unlikely to get it !!
It was so warm & sunny here yesterday & today its turned cold and windy; the weather seems to be strange world wide so it seems. But then I can remember snow up here in the moutains in May when I was a child