Thursday, 15 March 2007

Worth a mention

In reply to a comment on my last post re midges & Scotland. If you stick way out west the midges are not usually a problem (its too windy!), Skye, Mull or the mainland is a different story! The ultimate enemy of midges is .... Avon Skin so Soft Woodland Fresh body oil!!!!! Its famous we discovered, used even by Mel Gibson when filming Braveheart & the US Marines plus Scottish forestry workers & fishermen! Probably works on the little welsh b*******s too! You can get it on e-bay, click on the picture to go to the sellers listing! Costs about £4 inc. postage. Better than DEET & doesn't melt the furniture or the tent! The only times we have had a problem on either the Uists or Tiree were mid evening on calm nights (& they are rare!) when midge nets were needed, not because they were biting despite the Avon SoS but because they were plain annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Artis-Anne said...

Oh great thanks for that will go & get some asap. We were up on Skye last May but it was too darn cold for midges but the year before we got some when we were at Inverewe (love that garden there,even if it does remind me of Portmeirion here; its the fact it's so far north and what they can grow there)
We lost the midges when we were up Cape Wrath area though :)
No idea which part we are going this year but we have to have our yearly Scotland fix